Where Do Alligators Go In The Winter?

Where Do Alligators Go In The Winter? Learn More

Alligators Are Fearsome Creatures That Live In Southern Swamps In The Us In One State In Mexico And In The Yangtze River In China. Learn More

Let’S Find Out Where Alligators Hide Out During The Winter In This Article. Learn More

Alligators Are Large Reptiles In The Genus Crocodilia. Although They Are In The Same Genus As Crocodiles They Are A Different Species. About Alligators Learn More

Like Other Reptiles Alligators Are Cold-Blooded Which Means That Their Body Temperature Is Affected By The Environment. This Is Opposed To Warm-Blooded Animals Which Regulate Their Own Body Temperatures. Where Do Alligators Go In The Winter? Learn More

They Stick Their Snouts Above The Water So They Can Breathe And Remain In The Water While Hardly Moving Until The Temperatures Warm Up. This Is Called “Icing Behavior” In Alligators. Behavior Of An Alligator Learn More

In Less Extreme Cold Temperatures Alligators May Be Found In Dens By River Banks Where There Are Pockets Of Air. They May Also Hide Out Under The Roads. Where Are They Hiding During Winter? Learn More

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