Job That Makes People The Unhappiest

A Study Conducted By Harvard University On Happiness Produced Findings Regarding The Levels Of Happiness Experienced By Humans In Different Aspects Of Their Lives

One Of The Areas That Was Explored Is The Type Of Job That Has A Higher Chance Of Making Individuals Unhappy

Based On The Research It Is Not A Specific Occupation But Rather A Specific Type Of Job That Is Likely To Cause The Highest Level Of Dissatisfaction Among Individuals

And That Type Of Job Is A Lonely Job

The Occupations Causing The Highest Levels Of Discontentment Among Individuals Are Those That Enforce Isolation Thus Providing Minimal Opportunities For Human Interaction

It Is The Job That Provides Limited Chances To Build Real Connections And Friendships With Colleagues And Coworkers

For Instance Jobs Such As Longdistance Truck Drivers Or Security Guards Who Work Through The Night Fall Under This Category

Moreover Working In Shifts Where You Have Minimal Interaction With Your Colleagues Can Result In An Intense And Persistent Feeling Of Loneliness Which Eventually Leads To Increasing Aggravation

As Per Other Recent Studies Loneliness Raises The Risk Of Death With Age Much Like Smoking Obesity And Physical Inactivity