Jessenia Pothos Vs. Marble Queen Pothos

Jessenia Pothos Is Going Against Marble Queen Pothos

The Pothos Species Epipremnum Aureum Has Become A Hit In The Last Couple Of Decades Among Plant Collectors And Houseplant Aficionados

This Guide Will Show You Everything You Need To Know About The Jessenia Pothos And The Marble Queen Pothos

The Marble Queen Pothos Has A Lighter Tone Than The Jessenia Pothos

The Jessenia Pothos Is Classified As Epipremnum Aureum

The Jessenia Pothos Is A Newer Variety That Is Easy To Find At Local Garden Centers

Pothos Can Be Grown In Gardens But They Must Be Grown In Very Specific Hardiness Zones

They Are Native To The South Pacific Islands And The Coastal Regions Of Asia

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