7 Serial Killer Korean Dramas & Movies

7 Serial Killer Korean Dramas And Movies

Heres The Perfect Combination Of Suspense Enigma And Violence Click For 7 Captivating And Intensely Gripping Korean Dramas And Movies Centered Around Serial Killers

Somebody Launches An App Developed By Kim Sum And Her Life Takes An Unexpected Turn When The App Becomes The Center Of A Horrifying Murder Case And She Becomes Involved In The Investigation

Tunnel 2017

A Detective'S Life Becomes Entangled When He Faces A Grumpy Serial Killer, Vicky The Rat Rakuten.

Memorist Viki Rakuten Dong A Psychometrist And Passionate Detective Has The Superpower To Read People’S Minds Which He Uses To Solve Cases

Midnight 2021 On Amazon Prime Video And Youtube Is A Spinechilling Encounter Between A Deaf Girl Kim Kyeongmi And Psychopathic Serial Killer So Jungeun Also Known As Jekyll And Hyde

Confession Of Murder

Suspicious Partner

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