BTS’ Jung Kook’s Net Worth 2023: Assets, Career, Family, Impact and Influence

Jeon Jung Kook, famously known by his moniker ‘Jungkook’, is an international sensation. A member of the South Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), Jungkook is known and loved for his soulful voice and his captivating looks. He debuted with the Bangtan Boys in 2013 and has since then never ceased to make headlines for his ventures – both solo and as part of the group. His excellent singing, dancing, and songwriting abilities have largely contributed to his contemporary status as an artist. 

For someone who debuted at an age as young as 15, Jungkook has practically grown up in front of the whole world. Being a part of the world’s biggest boy band has given Jungkook a fair share of excellent professional and personal opportunities to grow. Having spent almost a decade in the k-pop industry, Jungkook has managed to accumulate an astounding net worth of $24 million!

Net worth, in simple words, is the total value of an individual’s assets once their liabilities have been accounted for. The total monetary value of assets like real estate investments, cars, and cash subtracting debt is what accounts for a person’s net worth. When people idolize someone they try to find seemingly trivial details about them. When people like a certain celebrity, it is common for them to look up their net worth. The number of people who want to look up Jungkook’s net worth is quite high given his massive fan following.

Jungkook’s net worth in 2023 is nearly 1,95,47,28,000 INR. The number shouldn’t be too surprising given how successful the group is today. For most people, however, it is astounding to see how a musician can make so much money. When the musician is someone as young as Jungkook, the curiosity is even more. People often fail to realize how artists don’t have a single source of income. It is not just touring tickets or album sales that contribute millions to an artist’s net worth. Brand endorsements and other similar collaborations where brands, companies, and institutions use a certain celebrity’s fame to their advantage also form a significant channel of income for celebrities.

Jungkook’s net worth today, in 2023, is similarly an amalgam of the different assets he owns and comes from many sources besides just album sales. The 25-year-old artist, as part of BTS, has collaborated with brands like McDonald’s, Hyundai, and Samsung and to top it all the boys even became the face of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. 

Jungkook is the main vocalist of BTS. Alongside the latter, he also holds the positions of sub-rapper and lead dancer. The artist has gone viral for his swift dance moves on multiple occasions. Jungkook is adored by both fans and band members alike. His increasing popularity has increased the curiosity around him too. People now want to know everything from his likes and dislikes to Jungkook’s net worth. Following is a complete breakdown of the varied sources of income that contribute to Jungkook’s total net worth today.

Being the biggest boy band in the world provides the septet with multiple channels of income. While their music is the most obvious source of their income, where they make money from tours and album sales, there are other, less conspicuous sources too. Some of them include the endorsement deals signed by the group and their respective shares in their management company. 

Brand Endorsements

People admire and often idolize celebrities. Thousands of tickets to concerts of popular artists get sold out within minutes. People go out of their way to alter their style in favor of their idol celebrity’s taste. Brands have over the years learned how to use the influence of celebrities to their advantage. Now that BTS is a global phenomenon, it is only natural for brands to approach them with proposals of collaboration. 

Teaming up with celebrities can help brands establish a sense of credibility in the minds of customers. Celebrities can also help brands expand their market shares. BTS has an impeccable image and to affiliate with them would benefit any brand that is looking to add credibility to its brand’s overall image. While these collaborations help brands build trust, they also provide celebrities with an alternative source of income thereby contributing to their total net worth.

Collaborating with celebrities can help brands drastically increase sales. Teaming up with celebrities who have a record of selling things out without even actually endorsing them couldn’t possibly go wrong. Jungkook for example made history when he was the reason people couldn’t keep their hands off a fabric softener! 

Following is a list of internationally recognized brands that collaborated with BTS during the last couple of years.

1. Louis Vuitton (2021)

According to the brand, it was the boy band BTS’ ‘positive influence’ that made them choose the boys as their brand’s house ambassadors. Later that year, the members of the group were spotted at the 2021 Men’s Fall Winter Fashion Show. The group was seen flaunting the (then) latest designs of the brand. The brain behind the mind-blowing designs was an American fashion designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh. 

2. Hyundai (2018)

The year 2018 marked the beginning of BTS’ collaboration with South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer Hyundai. The band endorsed several cars produced by the company.  The first car to be promoted was the brand’s flagship SUV. Following the car promotion, the group went on to promote Hyundaii’s sustainable earth campaign in 2020. The band even released a special version of their song ‘Yet To Come’ to cater to the brand’s campaign theme. 

3. Samsung (2020)

BTS first partnered with Samsung in the year 2020. The products endorsed by them included Galaxy Z Flip4 and BTS-themed Galaxy Buds. 

4. Puma (2015)

German sports brand Puma recognized the worth of BTS vis-a-vis ambassadorship way before any other global or local brands did. PUMA Turin x BTS and PUMA x BTS Basket were some of the collaborative ventures between the brand and the band. 

5. Crocs

BT21 x Crocs collection has to be one of the most charming byproducts of a brand collaboration. BT21 is a group of animated characters created by BTS catering to their partnership with the LINE messaging app. The boyband teamed up with the footwear brand to churn out one of the cutest footwear lines ever.

6. Coca Cola (2021)

Coca Cola teamed up with BTS in 2021 and launched its Asia campaign. The campaign was adorned by a BTS cover of Turn Up Your Rhythm. According to the brand, the use of this symbolized the need to turn dull days into uplifting ones.

7. Snickers (2022)

Mars got into a partnership with the boy band BTS in August of 2022. As part of the latter, the brand manufactured special edition wrappers for their chocolate. These wrappers were adorned with some of the most popular song titles by BTS. The aforementioned titles included the likes of ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Make It Right’. 

8. McDonald’s (2021)

This has to be one of the band’s most memorable collaborations. Remember how the ‘BTS Meal’ became the face of this campaign in 2021? This food collaboration was quite a successful one and picked momentum in no time. Having collaborated with some of the world’s biggest, most popular brands, it isn’t exactly surprising how Jungkook’s net worth has increased over the years.


Jungkook made headlines when he bought a house in Itaewon two years ago. Spending a whopping ₩7.63 billion KRW ($7,050,940 USD) in 2021, BTS’s Jungkook got himself a two-story house in Itaewon. Itaewon is considered one of the finest, most happening areas of Seoul. Owning an asset in Itaewon is considered a real estate blessing. This house is huddled in Seoul’s fancy Itaewon and is close to the Indian embassy residence. 

The house is a single-family house or a standalone house. Built in 1976, this two-story house is spread across an expanse of 2483 square feet. Another important detail about the house is its location. The house is located in the diplomatic district, an area preferred by diplomats. Given its significance in terms of real estate, this locality is preferred by other South Korean celebrities too. Rain and Kim Tae Hee, Park Myung Soo, and Hwang Jung Eum are a few other celebrities that picked this affluent locality for building their homes or for owning assets. 

Jungkook reportedly bought a Mercedes-Benz in 2019. The car was later spotted on an auction site in 2022. The car, previously owned by BTS’ Jungkook, unsurprisingly sparked a bidding war on the site. 

Career: From Busan to Billboard


Jungkook went to Baekyang elementary and middle school before moving to the School of Performing Arts, Seoul for high school. Jungkook graduated high school in 2017. On February 7 of the same year, he attended his high school graduation ceremony at the School of Performing Arts, Seoul. His high school graduation naturally garnered a lot of attention for it was attended by all six of his Hyungs. They documented the entire event which was later posted as one of the videos on the group’s Bangtan Bomb video series. By this time, BTS had already become a global phenomenon. Fans of the group flooded the event to an extent that Jungkook’s classmates had to practically form a human shield around him in order to protect him.  

After graduating from SOPA, in 2017, he let go of the idea of taking the CSATs. CSAT is a university entrance exam that is taken by high school graduates throughout the country of South Korea. As life would have it, he finally received his college degree from the Global Cyber University’s Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment in 2022. Here, he was also given the president’s award – one of the school’s highest honors a student can receive. 

Jungkook, who initially wanted to be a badminton player, later changed his mind in favor of pursuing music as a profession. The inspiration to do the latter came to him when he watched BIG BANG’s G-Dragon perform ‘Heartbreaker’. It was at that moment that he knew that he had to do music and he had to do it right. Following this moment of realization, he did not waste much time and auditioned for Mnet’s Superstar K. The auditions were held in Daegu and Jungkook could not get through. However, he ended up receiving offers from not one or two but seven entertainment agencies. 

Jungkook had his second significant realization when he saw the brilliant rapping skills of RM, the group’s leader. He was so impressed by his now fellow member that he decided to join BigHit. Today, looking at how things have worked out for the group and for Jungkook as an individual artist, one cannot underplay these two aforementioned moments of realization that helped Jungkook make two of the biggest, most life-altering decisions of his life.

While the spectacular rise of BTS is not hidden from anyone, one must not forget how despite growing up in front of the world, Jungkook never failed to maintain and exude his strong sense of individualism. With a clear idea of where he wants to go and what he plans on doing, Jungkook has done remarkably well on more than just some projects – solo and group alike. 

While the group has managed to gather their decent share of awards and recognitions, one of their finest accomplishments is their performance on the Billboard Charts. They have broken records here. They have had the highest charting albums and tracks. With over 700 national and international nominations and around 495 awards to its name, the band has taken it upon itself to make history with every step that it takes.

Jungkook’s Family

Who is Jeon Jung Kook? 

Jeon Jung Kook is a member of the world’s most famous septet – BTS. Born in South Korea’s Busan on September 1, 1997, this K-pop idol has managed to amass attention, affection, wealth and accolades from all over the world. This 25 year-old singer and songwriter grew up wanting to be a badminton player. The passage of his dreams took an unforeseen turn when G-Dragon’s performance inspired him to become a singer.

In the year 2011, Superstar K held its auditions in Daegu. Jungkook participated in the latter but did not get through. On the other hand however he ended up receiving offers from several entertainment agencies. As we all already know, his pick was BigHit Entertainment. His motivation to join BigHit stemmed from him watching RM, his current bandmate, perform. During the course of his preparations for his debut, he briefly moved to Los Angeles where he was trained in dancing from Movement Lifestyle. Prior to his debut, he made small appearances in other artists’ works. 

Jungkook’s Family

Jungkook comes from a small family of four members. While he grew up with his mom, dad and Hyung (older brother) when it comes to his extended family, he often mentions his grandmother. He recalls being fond of her, which given his overall benevolent outlook is not exactly surprising. It’s good but not exactly unexpected.

Jungkook’s sweet voice might just be his genetic gift. His parents are both into singing while his older brother is an illustrator. Since Jungkook is fairly artsy too, we can rightly say that he has successfully picked his family’s finest traits and made them his own. While Jungkook likes to limit his discussions of his family as much as he can, he does mention them at regular intervals. The star was born in Daegu and spent a little over a decade there before moving to pursue his career in music. He and his brother went to the same school. He gifted his brother an apartment in Yongsan District of Seoul. 

Solo Career

Music under BTS discography

Jungkook has released Begin, Euphoria, and My Time as part of the BTS discography. All three previously-mentioned tracks unsurprisingly went on to top the Gaon Digital Charts.

  1. Begin: Released in 2016, Begin was part of BTS’ album Wings, it was a musical vote of thanks from Jungkook to his fellow members who helped him navigate the world of music and life in general ever since he joined them as part of the group. 
  2. Euphoria: With over  100 million views on its official music video on youtube, this 2018 release was a refreshing piece of music that formed part of the group’s Love Yourself ‘Answer’ album. The official music video for the song is almost 9 minutes long and features the septet in its entirety. The art direction in the video gracefully complements the vibrant vibe of the song with its excellent choice of costumes and color palette. 
  3. My Time: My Time is a 3 minutes 54 seconds long track that was released as a part of the Map of The Soul album in the year 2020. 

Left And Right with Charlie Puth

In 2022, the BTS member was seen dancing around in the official music video of Charlie Puth’s single Left and Right. The song, soon after its release, ranked 22nd on U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song went on to win at the 48th People’s Choice Awards. The category of nomination for the same was ‘Music Video and Collaboration Song’

Stay Alive 

Stay Alive was another phenomenal musical venture by Jungkook. It was released as the original soundtrack for 7 fates: Chakho – an animated collaborative effort by Hybe and Naver Webtoon. The track was produced by BTS’ Suga who co-wrote the songs with the likes of El Capitxn, Maria Marcus among others.

Performing at FIFA World Cup 

Jungkook became the first South Korean artist to produce and perform a song for the official FIFA Soundtrack. The song was titled ‘Dreamers’ and was performed by him at the opening ceremony of FIFA 2022. Held at the Alkor Al Bite Stadium in Qatar, the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup was graced by Jungkook’s golden vocals. 

The golden maknae’s proud Hyungs Jiimin, V, RM, Suga, and J-Hope posted stories of Jungkook’s Qatar performance on their Instagrams. ‘Dreamers’ soon after its release was topping iTunes Charts in not one but many countries across the world. The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Italy were a few of the many countries that loved and listened to ‘Dreamers’ just the right number of times to make it top their respective charts. 

Topping Spotify Charts

Jungkook’s singles have broken many records and topped several charts. One such accomplishment was his singles topping the Spotify Charts. While topping Spotify Charts even once would have been great, BTS’ Jungkook managed to do it not once, or twice but thrice. ‘Dreamers’, ‘Stay Alive’ and ‘Left And Right’ were his three tracks that made it to the top on Spotify Charts.

Jungkook became the fastest Korean celebrity to amass a whopping streaming count of 800 million on Spotify. Spotify is the world’s largest music platform. To achieve a milestone as huge as the latter here is no less than receiving a big award. 

What’s even more astounding about this milestone is the fact that this is a consequence of just three songs. Dreamers – the track that formed part of the Qatar World Cup original soundtrack, Left and Right – a Charlie Puth single featuring Jungkook and Stay Alive are three songs that helped the artist achieve this flabbergasting number of stream counts. 

First on Rolling Stone’s list of 200 Greatest Singers of All Time

2022 adorned BTS’s golden maknae with another accolade when Rolling Stone ranked him first among 200 Greatest Singers of All Time. Here, he was in a cutthroat competition of vote counts against some of the most well-known celebrities today. These celebrities included Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Drake, Rihanna, Ariana, and more.

BTS’ Golden Maknae

Jungkook is called the Golden Maknae of BTS and there is absolutely no reason he shouldn’t be called so. Despite his obviously popular talents of singing, dancing, and songwriting, there are over a dozen things that Jungkook is simply undefeatable at. The latter set of skills includes sketching, photography, running, wrestling, archery, bungee jumping, boxing, surfing, swimming, rapping, and cooking to name a few. 

While Jungkook is known for his soothing vocals, he can also rap and beatbox. Not to mention, he is very good at them all. When it comes to practicing for performances, Jungkook is known to be extremely meticulous. 

When it comes to capturing moments, Jungkook never holds back. More than just sometimes, the golden maknae of the group can be seen carrying his camera and capturing absolutely anything he finds worthy of cherishing. GCF is a remarkable example of how Jungkook simply loves capturing life on camera. G.C.F. which is short for Golden Closet Film was a travel vlog series that would feature the members of BTS. These videos were directed, shot, and edited by none other than Jeon Jungkook in his very own studio.

The videos were posted on the youtube channel BANGTANTV. To nobody’s surprise, these simple videos have managed to gain millions of views ever since they have been uploaded.  Jungkook has been trained by some of the finest, most experienced professional dancers in various dance forms. The seven entertainment agencies that wanted to scout Jungkook could probably sense the guy’s immense potential.

Jungkook’s Awards and Recognitions

1. Hwagwan or the Flower Crown

Also referred to as the Flower Crown, Hwagwan is grade 5th of five of South Korea’s highest honors – Geumgwan (Gold Crown), 1st Class, Eungwan (Silver Crown), 2nd Class, Bogwan (Precious Crown), 3rd Class, Okgwan (Jeweled Crown), 4th Class and finally Hwagwan (Flower Crown), 5th Class. 

It is given by the president of South Korea to citizens who have done exceptionally well in the fields of art and culture. It is a celebration of people who help in promoting and developing the country’s art and culture. 

2. People’s Choice Awards

Charlie Puth’s single from the summer of 2022 won at the 48th People’s Choice Awards. The category in which the duo was nominated was titled ‘Music Video and Collaboration Song’. 

3. MTV Millenial Award 

MTV MIllenial awards were started in 2013. They celebrate good Latin music along with digital achievements of virtually influential individuals. The categories in the digital section include instagrammars, gamers, parody makers, pranksters and more. Soon after BTS rose to international fame and recognition, Jungkook became a global icon himself. In the year 2019, he was awarded the MTV Millenial Award titled as Global Influencer owing to his remarkable influence as a social media star.

Impact and influence 

1. Third Most Loved Celebrity (South Korea, 2019)
Gallup Korea, a South Korean research company, conducted a survey in 2019. The conclusions of this survey revealed Jungkook to be South Korea’s third most-loved celebrity. 

2. Most Loved Celebrity (China, 2018)
In the year 2018, Jungkook was ranked first for 10 back-to-back weeks in Hi China magazine’s list of most loved celebrities in China. 
3. ‘Sold Out’ King
The golden maknae of BTS was once given the title of Sold Out King for everything the artist was seen using or wearing, sold out in no time. Some products whose sales went drastically high due to Jungkook include books, wines, shoes, and even fabric softeners! Now that’s something. People have to really love and admire you in order to switch their fabric softeners for you. 

4. Popularising the modern Hanbok
Hanbok is a traditional Korean attire that Koreans put on a variety of their festivals and other special occasions. Jungkook once showed up at the Gimpo International Airport wearing a modern Hanbok and starting then, there was no going back. Fans and celebrities were lightning fast to follow BTS’ maknae in adding the modern Hanbok to their own wardrobes. This piece of clothing became so popular that the website of the seller went down due to all the increased traffic. While this could have been added to the aforementioned list of ‘Sold Out’ products, the scale at which this trend gained traction clearly deserved a narration of its own. 


Chile, 2017
Jungkook passed out in the middle of a show in Chile in 2017. Later, it was discovered that there were no underlying difficulties and that he had already been feeling unwell that day.

Love Yourself Tour, 2018
On the Love Yourself World Tour in 2018, he sustained a heel injury that prevented him from performing choreography; as a result, he sang while seated for a portion of the European tour. 

Taxi Accident, 2019
Jungkook was hurt in a collision with a cab in November 2019. Since no serious injuries were sustained by either party, a fair settlement was reached.

From skyrocketing sales for a fabric softener to making headlines for even the littlest of things, Jungkook’s influence is not exactly hidden from the world. The band’s popularity stems from its repeated emphasis on promoting important causes and good values.  It’s because of their impeccable image and massive influence that they have had the opportunity to speak at the UN and the White House. They have been invited to speak at the UN not once but thrice. Every single opportunity was used by the boy band to become the voice of the youth. 

Ever since its debut, BTS has used its music to spread messages of self-love, healing, positivity, and optimism. At the 75th session of UNGA (United Nations General Assembly), BTS gave the message – “Life goes on, let’s live on”. The message was aimed at addressing the loss caused to the world, in general, on account of the pandemic. Transcending boundaries of language, class, color, and more, this boy band has utilized its fame for the greater good. On account of their upcoming military enlistment, the group is yet to release new music. Meanwhile, the members continue to focus on their respective solo careers. It will be interesting to see the kind of projects these boys will take up individually.

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