BTS’ Jin’s Net Worth 2023: Assets, Income, Solo Career and more

When it comes to celebrities, people have a lot of curiosities. Some want to know what their likes and dislikes are, some are curious as to how they maintain their lavish lifestyles. Behind all these questions is a common root question and that question is the amount of money these celebrities make or have. Given the mass appeal of BTS, it wouldn’t be too surprising if their fans wanted to know how much exactly their idols are making and what they are spending on. 

There is a lot of speculation around the individual net worth of each member of BTS. The curiosity is a little more around the oldest member of the group – Kim Seok Jin. While not a lot of information is publicly available about Jin’s family background, it is largely believed that the South Korean singer and songwriter comes from a business family. 

Since all questions around the artist’s financial background remain unanswered, Jin’s net worth is calculated based on the amount of money he has made from his career as an idol, parallel to his six band members.

Kim Seok Jin, also referred to by his stage name Jin, is a 30 year old South Korean singer and songwriter. Jin is a member of BTS which is the biggest boy band in the world right now. Born on December 4, 1992, this k-pop idol is the oldest member of BTS. Over the years, Kim Seokjin has been adorned with a lot of nicknames. Most of these names have been given to him on account of him being visually gifted. One of his myriad nicknames, ‘Worldwide Handsome’ is the finest example of applause for his good looks.

Besides his musical ventures both with the group and as an individual artist, Jin has also hosted a variety of music programs between the years 2016 and 2018. This K-pop singer was also awarded the Flower Crown or the Hwagwan Order Of Merit by the President of South Korea. Hwagwan happens to be one of the highest honours in South Korea. It is given to individuals who make significant contributions to the development and promotion of Art and Culture of the nation.

Jin debuted as a member of South Korean boy band BTS in the year 2010. His fellow members include Suga (Min Yoon Gi), J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok), RM (Kim Nam Joon), V (Kim Tae Hyung), Jimin (Park Jimin) and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook). This South Korean boy band, ever since its debut in 2010, has managed to amass fame, recognition and a plethora of accolades to their name. 

Their fame today is massive thanks to the unique themes they pick for their music. They were one of the first artists who chose to address the complexities of mental health at a time when nine out of ten times these problems were not even acknowledged by people in real life let alone in art forms like music. By addressing all that people would or could not address BTS established themselves as the face of empathy and began to exude resonance with the youth. 

BTS was originally a hip-hop band. Over the course of their professional career, the band has accommodated and experimented with a whole bunch of diverse music genres. Every album produced by the band was different and had a conspicuous element of freshness in it. The boy band has over the years kept up with the changing music scene of the contemporary world. They have repeatedly transcended boundaries of time, language and geography. 

With a shift in time, a shift in people’s taste and preferences is almost inevitable. It therefore becomes imperative for artists to keep up with those changing times and preferences. To achieve the latter, the only plausible way seems to be creation and experimentation with new varieties of music. 

BTS has managed to captivate a humongous part of today’s youth and it’s all thanks to their unending contemporary relevance. People might get bored with a particular genre of music or a certain technique of music production, but what happens when their favourite music evolves parallelly? They continue to admire their favourite for who they are, where they have come from, what they have evolved into and what they might offer in future.

Being a part of BTS has endowed each member of the band, including Kim Seokjin, to amass great amounts of both fame and fortune. BTS’s Jin net worth currently stands at a whopping $20 million. Jin, the oldest member of BTS, comes from a family of businesspeople. His conditioning in a family that is actively involved in business was reflected by his smart decision to start a restaurant business along with his older brother in 2018. 

Besides being a phenomenal and inseparable part of BTS, Jin has also managed to positively contribute to his image as an individual artist. Jin is often praised for his sweet, soulful voice. He often surprises fans with his refined vocal textures. He also receives his fair share of praise for his vocal range.

Jin’s solo tracks Awake, Epiphany, and Moon which he released as a fraction of BTS’ albums Wings, Love Yourself: Answer and Map Of The Soul respectively were all successes and established his image as an excellent singer. The tracks went on to top the Gaon Digital Chart, a music industry standard record chart in South Korea. The chart’s popular significance in South Korea makes it an important parameter for measuring the success of a song, album, or artist in South Korea. 

Awake in 2016

This track was appreciated for its profound lyrics and melodious delivery in Kim Seokjin’s emotive voice. The song talks about the hardships of chasing success and how these hardships make success seem almost inaccessible. The song then transcends into a positive tonality where the said hardships are looked at as challenges that need to be overcome, no matter what.

Awake was released as a part of BTS’ album Wings. The song was a huge success and soared high at number 31 on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. The song ranked remarkably high at number six on BIllboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales’ Chart. Given the contemporary relevance and popular significance of the aforementioned charts, these high ranks were a direct insinuation of what a huge success Jin’s solo single had proved to be. 

Later that year, the year of Awake’s release, Jin released a Christmas edition of the track. 

Epiphany in 2018

With its excellent composition and Jin’s soothing voice, this track delivers a very important message of self-love. Often, in loving others, people forget to love themselves. ‘I am the one I should love in this world’ are lines from the song that imply how significant a realisation it is – the fact that one must always love one’s self first. It is only after loving one’s self that an individual becomes capable of loving others without having to risk a loss of one’s own self.

Epiphany was released as part of a trailer that was released prior to the release of BTS’ third compilation album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ released on August 9, 2018. Epiphany was also able to garner high ranks on national and international charts. The lyrical genius of Epiphany was a collaborative effort of Bnag Si Hyuk, Slow Rabbit, and Adora all of whom co-wrote the song. The song’s production was looked after single handedly by Slow Rabbit. 

The song is said to fall under the alternative rock category of music. It is an exceptional amalgamation of soft vocals and energising electric riffs. In a short span of four minutes, the song is able to deliver an extremely important message of loving one’s self via the medium of some great uplifting music.

Moon in 2020

Starting off with an uplifting note, this 2020 release had a soft composition that went extremely well with Seokjin’s emotive voice. The lyrics revolve around the inconspicuous apprehensions of basically anyone who considers their object of affection almost inaccessible.

Moon was written for the fans of BTS. Moon was ranked at one on the Gaon Digital Chart. The song was a massive success on the World Digital Song Sales chart too. It ranked number two on the latter. Moon was released as part of the fourth studio album of BTS – Map Of The Soul: 7. The album was produced and distributed in Korean. According to BTS’ Suga, this album was not just a consequence of musical inspiration. It was meant to go beyond the mainstream. It was biographical in a sense and therefore exceptionally significant. 

Map of The Soul:7 was an excellent commercial success. It accommodates some of the band’s most popular, most loved collaborations. The latter included Halsey, whose vocal and writing talents enhanced Boy With Luv, Troye Sivan, who co-wrote Louder Than Bombs, and Ed Sheeran who co-wrote Make It Right. 

Who is Kim Seokjin?

Born on December 4, 1992, in Anyang of Gyeonggi Province in South Korea, Jin is a 30-year-old K-pop artist. Jin, whose full name is Kim Seokjin, is a member of the internationally recognized South Korean septet BTS. Jin initially planned on Journalism as a profession but later went on to change his mind and planned to pursue acting. The inspiration behind this change of heart was a consequence of watching Kim Nam-gil’s brilliant performance in Queen Seondeok. 

Jin hails from a small family of four – his mother, father, and older brother. When in junior high school, BTS’s very own worldwide handsome was scouted by SM Entertainment (one of the top 3 entertainment agencies in South Korea), the offer however was turned down by Seokjin at the time. 


His original plans of education were centered around pursuing Journalism for he wanted to be a journalist. However, he had a change of heart soon after and decided to pursue acting as a career. He was really moved by Kim Nam Gil’s work in Queen Seondeok. The latter, therefore, ended up motivating him to switch his interests in favor of performing arts.

Jin went to Gwanmoon Elementary School in Gyunggi-do, in Gwacheon city for his early education. The singer and songwriter later transferred to an elementary school in Seoul called Seoul Seryun Elementary. Soon after this, the artist again transferred to another school in Seoul itself. The latter school was the Bosung Middle School of Songpa District of Seoul, South Korea. During his middle school years, Jin was briefly in Australia as an exchange student. He then went on to attend his high school at Bosung High. . 

BTS’ Jin graduated with a degree in film studies from Konkuk University on February 22 in 2017. Given his initial interest in film and acting, the choice of his major isn’t exactly surprising. Jin was the first person in his group to acquire a university degree. Since Jin was unable to attend his actual graduation ceremony, his agency arranged a virtual ceremony for him. 

Jin later enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University to pursue his further education. Owing to the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, the interviews preceding his enrollment were conducted online. Hanyang Cyber University is one of Korea’s 21 virtual universities. 


Jin was scouted by BigHit Entertainment for his overall visual appeal. At the aforementioned time, Jin was pursuing acting. Since he had no background in music he auditioned at BigHit to become an actor. Jin eventually debuted as one of the four vocalists of the globally admired septet BTS. The group debuted in the year  2013 on June 13 with their single album 2 Kool 4 Skool. The latter-mentioned debut album of the group was released under BigHit Entertainment and was distributed by Loen.

BTS was formed in the year 2010 and the septet consists of Suga (Min Yoon Gi), J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok), RM(Kim Nam Joon), V(Kim Tae Hyung), Jimin (Park Jimin), Jungkook (Jeon Jung Kook) along with Jin, also known as Kim Seok Jin. Ever since its inception almost a decade ago, a huge portion of the band’s material is a  product of their own literary and musical genius. They have co-written and co-produced more than just some tracks of the band. 

BTS was originally a hip-hop group. As time passed, the group inculcated a variety of different music production techniques and themes in their music. The ever-changing nature of their music is what has helped them stay relevant for almost a decade now. Before fans even get used to a certain style of music or a  particular theme and expect a certain type of music from the band, BTS comes up with another unique composition backing a completely different theme for their music. 

Today, BTS is the biggest boy band in the world. Their rise to fame was not just spectacular but was in fact astounding. Today, they team up with some of the biggest multinational brand names and institutions for a variety of collaborative ventures. It was their well established influence that granted them multiple opportunities to speak at the UN. This South Korean boy band was also invited to the White House to address the crimes and hate perpetuated against Asians.

Jin’s Net Worth

Being part of the world’s biggest boy band has allowed all seven members of the group to have plenty of growth opportunities – both musical and professional. Looking at how BTS is known and loved by millions around the world, it should not be too hard to assume why brands and institutes of significance would want them as a face for their campaigns and movements. 

Most people are stunned by the amount of net worth that each BTS member has been able to acquire over the years. For others, it’s hard to imagine how music alone could fetch someone millions of dollars. While the latter is absolutely possible, music is not the boy band’s only source of income. The band has over the years endowed itself with multiple channels of income. 

Some of these channels include brand deals or collaborations that the band partakes in. Another significant source of BTS’ income is their respective shares in their management agency. 

Collaborations with brands

Crocs (2022)

BT21 x Crocs collection has to be one of the most attention-grabbing and adorable byproducts of a brand endorsement deal. BT21 is a group of animated characters that have been created by BTS. The latter was done on account of their partnership with the LINE messaging app. These characters are really popular among fans of BTS and were therefore utilized by Crocs for their brand campaign.

Snickers (2022)

It was in August of 2022 that Mars got into a partnership with the Korean boy band BTS. On account of the aforementioned, the brand released special edition wrappers for their chocolate. These wrappers carried some of the most popular song titles produced by BTS. These hit titles included ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Make It Right’ and more.

Louis Vuitton (2021)

According to the French fashion house and luxury goods company Louis Vuitton,  it was the boy band BTS’ ‘positive influence’ that made them consider BTS for potential candidates who could become their brand’s house ambassadors. Following the collaboration, the members of the group were seen at the 2021 Men’s Fall Winter Fashion Show. Here, at the fashion show, the septet gracefully flaunted the (then) latest LV designs. The creative genius behind these captivating designs was none other than the famous American fashion designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh. 

Coca Cola (2021)

To launch their Asia campaign of the year 2021, Coca Cola teamed up with BTS. As part of the campaign, a BTS version of Turn Up Your Rhythm was released. The campaign was released in a world that was half out of a pandemic and half still entangled in. Since people had spent their share of dull days owing to pandemic-related restrictions, launching a campaign song this uplifting, was seen as a smart move on the brand’s part. 

McDonald’s (2021)

BTS’ collaboration with the world’s largest restaurant chain McDonald’s has to be one of the band’s most memorable ventures of brand endorsement. It was not long ago that the famous  ‘BTS Meal’ became the face of this campaign. This food-music collaboration was a conspicuously successful one. It became a hit in no time.

Samsung (2020)

BTS first partnered with Samsung Electronics Corporation in the year 2020. The Bangtan Boys endorsed a variety of Samsung products. The latter included Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Samsung’s BTS-themed Galaxy Buds. 

Hyundai (2018)

BTS’ collaborated with South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer Hyundai in 2018. After becoming the face of the brand, the bangtan boys endorsed a few cars manufactured by Hyundai.  The first car to be promoted by BTS was the brand’s flagship SUV ‘Palisade’. Soon after the car promotions, the group was the face of Hyundaii’s sustainable earth campaign of 2020. The band even released a Hyundai version of their famous track ‘Yet To Come’ as part of this campaign.

Puma (2015)

German sports brand Puma made BTS the face of their brands before most other internationally recognized brands. Before any other global or local brands could realize what BTS was worth, Puma made a smart move. They could sense BTS’ rising popularity and how the youth were able to relate to this up-and-coming boy band. The band and the brand teamed up to promote various Puma products. The latter-mentioned products included the likes of PUMA Turin x BTS and PUMA x BTS Basket.

Having collaborated with some of the world’s biggest, most popular brands, it isn’t exactly surprising how Jin’s net worth has increased over the years.


Japanese Restaurant – Ossu Seiromushi

BTS’ Jin opened a Japanese restaurant along with his older brother in 2018. The restaurant is called Ossu Seiromushi. It has two branches – one next to Seokchon lake and another next to Lotte World. The restaurant is one of the most popular ones in Seoul which shouldn’t be too surprising given how popular and beloved Jin is. The restaurant is known for its special dishes and its impeccable presentability. 

House in Hannam the Hill (2018)

In the same year when Jin started a restaurant with his brother, Jin was reported to have bought a house worth almost $2 million. The house is located in one of the finest, most expensive localities of Seoul – Hannam the Hill.

Awards and Recognition

Hwagwan or The Flower Crown (2018)

Hwagwan, also known as the Flower Crown, is the fifth grade among South Korea’s five greatest honors, which are Geumgwan (Gold Crown), Eungwan (Silver Crown), Bogwan (Precious Crown), Okgwan (Jeweled Crown), and Hwagwan (Flower Crown).

The South Korean President awards it to people who have excelled in the domains of art and culture. 

The Fact Music Awards

Jin was awarded the Fan N Star Choice Award (Individual category) in 2022.

Thirteenth Most Popular Idol (Gallup Korea’s Report)

According to a 2019 survey conducted by South Korean research company Gallup Korea, Jin was the thirteenth most popular idol. He was also ranked sixth most popular amongst girls aged between 13 and 19 in South Korea. 


Jin hails from a small family of four people. In his family, he has his parents and an older brother. While not much is known about Jin’s family, Seokjin is believed to have come from one of the most affluent business families in South Korea. While there is little to no information about Kim Seok jin’s family on the internet, his brother is quite known to the world. The two brothers started a Japanese restaurant in 2018. The restaurant is called Ossu Seiromushi. It has two branches – one next to Seokchon lake and another near Lotte World. 

His brother again made headlines two years later, in 2020, when BTS attended his wedding. The wedding was held on August 8, 2020. Jin was reportedly an MC even here. Well, it doesn’t seem too unbelievable given his remarkable experience in the aforementioned role. 

What is net worth? 

A person’s net worth is the total value of her or his assets. The latter is calculated after subtracting the total value of one’s liabilities from the total value of assets. In simple words, a person’s net worth can be calculated very easily by adding the monetary value of all possessions of an individual like money in cash, significant assets like expensive cars, real estate investments like buildings and houses etc. 

When people idolize celebrities, they get curious about their likes, dislikes, and almost anything that could help them get a clearer idea of who their idol is. Another common object of curiosity for people is their favorite celebrity’s net worth. While for some people finding out a celebrity’s net worth is just a matter of curiosity, for others it might act as a source of inspiration. Aspiring artists and creatives might look up to their favorite popular artists and attempt to quantify their success on the basis of their net worth.

When an aspiring artist looks at a celebrity in his field doing financially well, she or he gets inspired to achieve the same level of success. While there are a lot of reasons that might push people to look celebrities’ net worths up, one must not forget that net worth is not just the amount of money one has in their bank account. It’s the combined value of all the assets that are owned by an individual minus the value of their liabilities.

The increasing curiosity around celebrities’ net worth insinuates how a large number of people today might be associating a celebrity’s success with the amount of money they have. Since a lot of money is earned and spent by celebrities on a regular basis, knowing the exact value of their net worth is next to impossible. Predictions on account of their publicly known assets are therefore made so as to get an approximate idea of how much the star is worth at any given time.

Military Enlistment 

30-year-old Kim Seokjin officially enlisted in the South Korean army on December 12, 2022. South Korea has a mandatory service requirement that requires all South Korean men above the age of 18 to enlist in the South Korean army for a fixed period of time that usually falls between 18 to 21 months. BTS’ Jin is expected to return sometime around June 2024. His return will be followed by BTS resuming their group activities in 2025 that are currently on hold on account of the upcoming military commitments of the members of the group.

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