Wizkid Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Careers, Age, Height, Income, Cars, Songs

Wizkid, a Nigerian artist, who was born on 16th July 1990, has become a part of the daily news articles due to a lot of reasons. It has been reported that the Nigerian artist has made a post on his official account on Instagram, which has now started to look as related to another artist Davido. Wizkid had posted some photos of his performance on the stage and shared it with his fans with a very suggestive caption, in which he wrote “Evian Dey”. There has been a large number of comments from the fans and there have been a mixed reaction to the Wizkid’s posts.

It must be noted that Wizkid was born as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, in the Lagos city of Nigeria. He is now known to be one of the most popular Afrobeats icon all across the country. For his style of music, there have been very less artists who have gained such a huge popularity at such a young age. He has become one of the top musicians from Nigeria who can sing and write songs too. There has been a recent phenomenon which has resulted in him being seen as one of the most important artists in the modern day Afrobeats Music Scene.

Wizkid Net Worth 2023

Wizkid has known to have started with music at the age of 11, and his interest at an early age had also led to his group to release a small collaborative album with the Glorious 5, this group was made by him and his other Church friends. In 2009, as a result, Wizkid had been able to land a deal with the Empire Mates Entertainment, which was owned by Banky W. His fame had been constantly building up and it was noticed by critics worldwide after he released the lead single from his first album. This lead single was called “Holla At Your Boy” and the single was released before his first album came out in the year 2011, titled ‘Superstar’.

In recent news, which has been released about the Nigerian Afrobeats music sensation, it has been mentioned that Wizkid has been hugely grateful for all his time as a parent. In a recent article, it has been mentioned that he has been immensely grateful for being a parent to four kids. He has also spoken about how he felt that love is a transformative power. He has said in the interview, that his drive comes from being a parent and having a heart full of love. This is also helpful as it gives strength for him and he feels blessed for his family and kids.

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Wizkid Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Wizkid
Occupation Professional Singer & Songwriter
Born 16th July 1990
Birthplace Lagos, Nigeria
Age 32
Genre Reggae, Afrobeat, R&B, etc.
Label RCA Records & Empire State Entertainment
Education Ijebu Ode Grammar School, Lagos State University, Lead City University
First Albm Superstar (in 2011)
Known For Grammy Award for ‘The Lion King: The Gift’
Family 4 children
Height 5.4 ft
Weight Over 60 kg
Net Worth Over 4 million USD

Wizkid Age, Family & Early Life

Born as Ayodeji Balogun on 16th July 1990 in the City of Lagos, Nigeria, Wizkid had grown up in a house where interfaith dialogues were very common. It has been noted that the Afrobeats sensation had twelve other siblings while growing up. In his house, both his father and mother follow different faiths. Wizkid’s father practices Islam and his mother has been known to be a Pentecostal Christian. As a child, Wizkid had also attended Ijebu Ode Grammar School, where he was able to develop his musical interests.

During that time, he had been a fan of King Sunny Ade, Bob Marley and Fela Kuti, which later also became his inspirations. Wizkid had been popular by another name which he left behind after 2006, the ‘Lil Prinz’. It has been stated by him that he was mentored and coached heavily by another artist, Naeto C, when he was about 15 years of age. For his college education, he went to the Lagos State University, which he dropped out from in mid 2009. Then he had again enrolled into another private Nigerian University, called, Lead City University, but left soon.

Wizkid Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

In 2009, Wizkid had started working on his first studio album which he released in later years titled, ‘Superstar’. There was a single which was released by him on 02nd January that year, and the song was called ‘Holla at Your Boy’. This song was nominated for ‘Best Pop Single’ and it was also helpful in earning Wizkid the ‘Next Rated’ award at the The Headies 2011 award show. Following this, he was also awarded a 2012 Hyundai Sonata by the organizers. The lead single’s music video was also later nominated for Most Gifted Newcomer Video at the 2011’s Channel O Music Awards.

Wizkid’s first album was recorded in English and Yoruba. It was released on 12th June 2011 by the EME, Empire Mass Entertainment. This album got popular for its music style which had mixed Afrobeats, dancehall, reggae, R&B, etc. The album had then won the award for the ‘Best Album of The Year’ during the 2012 Nigerian Entertainment Awards. Between 2012 and late 2014, Wizkid had been reported to have been working on his second studio album. This album was called ‘Ayo’, and it had other artists such as Akon, Wale, Tyga, etc. who had recorded for the album. Following this, all the albums had started to feature him as nominations for awards in various events.

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Wizkid Income, Cars & New Songs

Wizkid is also known to have a highly famous car collection after he is known as a Grammy Award winner, which he had received for his contribution on the Beyonce’s soundtrack ‘Brown Skin Girl’, in 2019. This was followed by a BET Award, a NAACP Image Award, etc. In 2022, he released his fifth album ‘More Love, Less Ego’ for his fans. At this point, it has been reported that Wizkid is one of the richest musicians in the Nigerian music Industry. As per the recent reports, he has spent more than N500M to receive 2 luxury cars.

The Afrobeat singer, who is also popularly known as, Big Wiz has recently bought a Rolls Royce Cullinan, which is worth about N300M and the second is a Maybach Bus, which is about N150M worth. Most of the wealth which the artist owns are a result of his high fees for concerts, and other businesses. He also owns a BMW X6, which is worth N15Milliona Mercedes Benz, Sonata, Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible, a Porche Panamera, Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghni Aventador.

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