Valentine Week 2023 – February 7 to February 21 Days Full List Check

The month of February is very special for the youth as February is called the month of love. The most romantic days of the year are celebrated in this month. The seven-day festival of love starts from the second week of February. For those in love, every day is like a celebration. Loving couples adopt different ways to express love with their partner throughout the week. This week of love is called Valentine’s Week.

The seven days of Valentine’s Week are the days to express love in different ways and make your partner feel special. It starts from 7 February, which is celebrated till 14 February. If you also want to celebrate Valentine’s Week, then know about every day of love celebrated here from February 7 to February 14. Here we will tell you about The complete list of Valentine’s Week 2023, February 7 to February 21 Days Full List Check so check this page.

Valentine Week 2023

The second month of the year February is considered special for loving couples because in the second week of this month i.e. from February 7 to February 14, Valentine’s Week is celebrated. It is also called Love Week. A special kind of test begins in this week, which every lover has to give for his/her love. Some people get excited while preparing for this test, while some people remain a little nervous. That is, it is necessary to pass every paper of this test of love which lasts for seven days.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Wishes

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The most important thing is that if caught cheating during this test, a punishment can also be given. Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day but if you are a little confused about what is celebrated on which day, then in this page we will tell you the calendar of Valentine’s Week, which will also be the time-table of your test. So that you can prepare well for your test. So let’s see which day to prepare for which paper.

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Valentine’s Week Calendar 2023 Day Wise

Rose Day It is celebrated on the first day of Valentine’s Week i.e. on the first day of the test of love. Simply put, this paper begins with the fragrance and beauty of roses. On this day loving couples express their love by giving each other roses. Different colored roses represent different feelings.
Propose Day On this day, you can boldly express your love to your special one. If you are deeply in love with someone and want to convey this to him, then without delay propose him on this day by hitting the spot.
Chocolate Day It is celebrated on 3rd day. For the many years, chocolate has remained an important part of people’s lives. Whether it is to relieve stress or to express love to someone, chocolate is used for different reasons. It is also customary to give chocolates of their choice to your partner on this day.
Teddy Day It is the fourth day of Valentine’s Week. When people express their love by gifting teddy bear to their dear one. Because like a teddy bear, the heart is also very weak and delicate. To make them feel the tenderness of the heart, they gift each other teddy bears.
Promise Day As easy as it is to love, it is more difficult to maintain it. The 5th day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated by loving couple as Promise Day. On this day, they promise to love and be together for the rest of their lives. By the way, you can celebrate this day not only with your partner but also with every person who is close to your heart.
Hug Day It is celebrated on the sixth day of this week. People express love and affection by hugging each other. The biggest specialty of this day is that on the pretext of a magic hug, we get a chance to know how much the person in front loves us
Kiss Day In this test too, on the seventh day i.e. 13 February, every loving couple kisses each other to express their love. To express love without words, a loving kiss is enough for it.
Valentine’s Day It is on the last day of the week i.e. on 14 February which couple celebrate in their own way. Some make plans for a trip, some for a dinner date. So you have a lot of time to plan to make this day memorable.

Valentine 2023 – February 7 to February 21 Days Full List Check

Day Date
Rose Day 7 February 2023
Propose Day 8 February 2023
Chocolate Day 9 February 2023
Teddy Day 10 February 2023
Promise Day 11 February 2023
Hug Day 12 February 2023
Kiss Day 13 February 2023
Valentine Day 14 February 2023
Slap Day 15 February 2023
Kick Day 16 February 2023
Perfume  Day 17 February 2023
Flirt Day 18 February 2023
Confession Day 19 February 2023
Missing Day 20 February 2023
Break Up Day 21 February 2023

Valentine Week Gift Ideas 2023

You can take the help of some gifts to express love to your partner on this Valentine’s Week. You can make your partner happy by doing something special and giving a unique gift. However, how and what to give a gift remains a biggest question for all of us.

If you also do not understand what kind of gift you can make your partner happy, then the simple way is to know their choice first or you can understand their need. This can make it easier for you to find the perfect gift.

What to gift during Valentine’s week?

  • Smartwatch
  • Smart band
  • Earbuds
  • Teddy Bear
  • Wallet
  • Bag
  • Chocolates
  • Unique gifts
  • Customized gifts

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