Travis Scott Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Songs, Earnings

Travis Scott, an American rapper and songwriter has been in the recent news for an event which took place in the year 2021. Travis was born as Jacques Bermon Webster 2nd, in Houston, in the US. He celebrates his birthday on 30th April every year and his birth year is 1991, which makes him 32 years old at the time of the recent news. He has also been known by his fans for being a remarkable record producer and singer at the same time.

In the most recent reports which have come out about the 2021 concert of the American rapper Travis Scott, it has been revealed that the Houston rapper is not going to be facing any charges for the ill fated events which were a part of the 2021 music festival, Astroworld. It has been also shared with the public that there will be no charges against the organizers too. Astroworld Festival, which was organized by Scott in the year 2021, was a sad event where innocent people had died due to the negligence and improper planning of the event, as reported in the allegations against the defendants.

Travis Scott Net Worth 2023

Born in Texas, US, Travis Scott has stated his inspiration previously behind the reason he had decided to choose this name for his stage and public performances. According to him, the name had shared the names of one of his favorite uncles and one of his greatest musical inspirations at the time, Kid Cudi. He had also been very famous in the present pop culture for his genre of music which includes psychedelic & pop rap, southern hip hop & trap music, alternative hip hop, etc.

As per the recent reports, there have been new updates in the case of casualties which had happened during the famous 2021 music festival, Astroworld. It has been reported that there will not be any indictment charges against the Astroworld Artist for the crowd crush which took place in the event. Travis had started off his rapping career with a major label in 2012, when he was picked by the Epic Records and he was also promoted for a publishing deal with the label GOOD Music by Kanye West.

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Travis Scott Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Jacques Webster
Occupation American rapper, songwriter & record producer
Born 30th April 1991
Birthplace Texas, US
Age 32
Height 5.9 ft
Weight Over 70 kg
Label Grand Hustle, Cactus Jack, Epic
Partner Kylie Jenner
Documentary Look Mom I Can Fly (Netflix)
Music Fest Astroworld (From 2018)
First Album Rodeo (2015)
Second Album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight (2016)
Third Album Astroworld (2018)
Upcoming Album Utopia (July, 2023)
Inspiration Bjork
Genre Psychedelic Rap, Pop Rap, Southern HipHop & Trap
Groups The Scotts & Huncho Jack
Net Worth Over 45 million USD

Travis Scott Early Life, Age & Family

Travis Scott was born as Jacques Webster in the city of Texas in Houston, US. It has been mentioned in articles that his birthday according to them is 30th April 1991. He spent first six years of his childhood in his grandmother’s house in the South Park area of Houston, Texas. Living in the south central region was very impactful on his life as there were multiple instances with crime at their centre. In later years, he had moved to Missouri City, which have been known to be a middle class suburb area so he could live with his parents.

In his family, Travis’ mother used to work for ‘Apple’ and his father used to run his own business. Travis has also shared that his father is still a soul musician while his grandfather knew how to compose jazz music. For his schooling, Travis was sent to Elkins High School and he had graduated there at the age of 17. Around this time, he had also started being a part of the school’s musical theatre. Following these years, he had attended the University of Texas, where he spent 2 years before his final decision to drop out had been made.

Travis Scott Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

In early 2008, Travis had come together with one of his friends Chris Holloway to form a rap group called “The Graduates”. Later that year, they had released their first project on platform ‘MySpace’. This was followed in 2009 by another group which was termed as ‘The Classmates’, which Travis formed with another friend. As a part of this group, Travis mainly managed the production work on the group’s 2 projects which were released. ‘The Classmates’ had dismantled due to personal and financial disputes by the year 2012.

In LA, Travis had found himself homeless for some time and sleeping on a friend’s couch, until one day, the Atlanta rapper who owns the Grand Hustle Records found his songs. This song which was produced by Travis was called “Lights” and the Atlanta rapper T.I. had decided to give him a chance when heard the song. This was followed by a collaboration where Travis had released his first commercial song with T.I. & 2Chainz called “Upper Echelon”. The song made Travis a big hit and it helped in the success of his first studio album which was released in 2015, called “Rodeo”.

In the year 2016, Travis was able to finish and come out with his second album “Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight”, which featured songs with Migos and other artists. Followed by the release of his third album, “Astroworld”, which was released by multiple labels in 2018. Travis has also been in constant attention of the public because of his hugely publicized relationship with Kylie Jenner. As a way to tell his story, Netflix had reached out to him and his documentary film “Look Mom I Can Fly” was released on the platform in 2019. Now, it has been reported, that Travis is ready with his fourth album which is going to be released on 21st July 2023 titled “Utopia”, as expected.

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Travis Scott Avoids Charges in Astroworld Fest Case

After his third album was a huge success, the Houston rapper had decided to start organizing annual music fest in the US called ‘Astroworld Festival’. It was first planned and conducted in the year of 2018, when there were many performances including artists like Kid Cudi, Post Malone, Gunna, etc. The following year in 2019, there were appearances which included artists like Marilyn Manson, DaBaby, Gucci Mane, etc. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the festival was cancelled and delayed.

It was reported in 2021 Astroworld Music Festival that a fatal crowd crush had occurred during the time Travis was on stage to perform. It was 05th November 2021, the first night of the concert, when the crowd had gotten out of control and had resulted in 10 deaths. To add to the tragedy, there were also 25 people who were hospitalised and more than 300 people were injured. It was mentioned that the cause of death was compressive asphyxiation.

In the news, it has been recently reported that a Texas Grand Jury has declined to put up any indictment charges against the ‘Upper Echelon’ Rapper in the case related to the deadly event of 2021. The Harris County Grand Jury has declined to take the allegations any further against the organizers regarding the event, which was attended by more than 50,000 people. According to the reports, there have been more than 500 lawsuits which were filed against the planning and organizing team for the tragic event.

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