Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date – Storyline, Plot, Cast and Episodes

A big update has been released for the lovers of South Korean dramas recently. This can be the biggest update of 2023, as the number of new shows which were going to be released in the fall season of 2023 have been affected by the strikes. These actors and writers strikes have come to be the main reason for the delay of many of these shows, but in the month of September 2023, there has been a lot of good titles too which have come out, and it includes the name of Sweet Home.

The show Sweet Home had been first released when it premiered on Netflix in 2020, which resulted in a huge positive reception of the show. It must be noted that the show Sweet Home is one of the top performers in the South Korean dramas, which have been released on the streaming services. The popularity which the first season of Sweet Home had seen after being released in the initial days had also resulted in a huge craze for South Korean dramas. This is to say that the success of Sweet Home initially has also resulted it to join the large list of in-demand K-dramas list after 2020.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

For the fans of Sweet Home, it has been a long wait as the show had made its debut on 18th December 2020, and there had been no updates about the Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date for a while. This has also led to a lot of confusion among the Sweet Home fans, and as a result, there had been a lot of clamor about the official Sweet Home Season 2 Details. To help with this, it is now reported that the apocalyptic horror TV show Sweet Home has been picked up for a renewal.

Not only the Sweet Home Season 2 Renewal Status has been given a green light by the official team and the streamer behind the Sweet Home’s first season success, but it has also been mentioned that the show is going to return with a third season too. Although, this is a good news for the Sweet Home fans, but there is still no update about the official Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date, Sweet Home Season 2 Cast, Sweet Home Season 2 Story, Sweet Home Season 2 Episodes, and the Sweet Home Season 2 Production Status.

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Sweet Home Seasons & Episodes Overview

TV Show Sweet Home
Seasons 1
Upcoming Season Season 2
Genre Apocalypse, Horror
Debut December 2020
Season 2 Release Date TBA
Based On Sweet Home Webtoon
Author Kim Carnby & Hwang Young
Platform Netflix
Total Episodes 10
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Runtime 43-52 minutes

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date & Story

All the fans who have been waiting for the first looks of their favorite K-drama, also known as Sweet Home, for its arrival of a new season, are in for a big surprise. This is because in one of the Netflix’s annual TUDUM event, it was shown that the show Sweet Home is going to make its return very soon. This was also teased with a short clip, in which other Korean shows were also mentioned. This renewal of Sweet Home was announced on 15th June 2022, and it was also added that the upcoming seasons for Sweet Home are going to see expanded storylines with additions to the cast.

In the series, the story tells about Cha Hyun Soo (played by Song Kang) who faces a family tragedy, and as a result, he is suicidal but decides to leave his house. His decision makes him choose an apartment instead of another house, after Cha’s family gets killed in a car accident. He shifts into 1410 in the Green Home, and finds out that there are monsters waiting everywhere. Along with Cha, there are several others who find out that they are now trapped inside the building, as there are monsters outside. Later, he also gains superpowers after Cha Hyun Soo merges with the beast inside himself.

Sweet Home Season 2 Plot & Release Date

The renewal of Sweet Home Season 2 & 3 is a good news but the exact Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date has also not been announced as of now. In early 2023, it was reported by the streamer that the fall season of 2023 is going to include the release of Sweet Home Season 2, and later it was also added that the final quarter of 2023 is going to see the release of Sweet Home Season 2. Also, it can be said that horror shows are mostly released around Halloween every year, so, the official Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date is going to be between the months of October 2023 and December 2023.

Those who don’t know, the horror TV streaming series Sweet Home has been developed by taking inspiration from the Naver Webtoon, which is also titled as Sweet Home. The first season had concluded with Sang Wook and Cha Hyun driving away in a truck, as other residents of the Green Home are looking for routes to escape. This is also added to the hunt which the Korean special-forces are using to find other monsters on time.

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As Cha Hyun also is turning into a monster, the season 2 is going to pick up the story to tell their fate. It is also possible that the next season is going to show deeper experiments by the military, as they try to separate the monster curse from each of these humans. It will also show the role of Nam Sang Won, who had mentioned in the first season that there was a cure to this curse, but later disappeared.

Sweet Home Season 2 Cast & Other Updates

In the upcoming season of Sweet Home, the expected cast members are going to include: Saong Kang (playing Cha Hyun Soo), Lee Jin Wook (playing Pyeon Sang), Lee Si Young (playing Seo Yi Kyung), Go Min Si (Lee Eun Yoo), Park Gyu Young (playing Yoon Ji Soo), etc.

This list also includes Jin Young, Oh Jung Se, Kim Mu Yeol, Yoo Oh seong, and others too.

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