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Rita Wilson, who has been a famous American actress and a film producer, was born on 26th October 1956. There have been various films in which she has been noted for her roles and the best of them include the names such as the ‘Volunteers’ in 1985, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ in 1993, ‘Now and Then’ in 1995, ‘That Thing You Do!’ In 1996, ‘Jingle All The Way’ in 1996, etc. Along with the films such as the Runaway Bride in 1999, she has also been praised for her roles played in many television series, such as ‘The Good Wife’ and the ‘Girls’.

Rita has also been known to have previous performances on the ‘Broadway’ and as a producer, she has produced the popular hits such as the ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, which had been released in 2002. She has also been a singer and a songwriter, and during her career she has been able to release various albums, such as the AM/FM, next album titled as ‘Rita Wilson’, followed by the ‘Bigger Picture’ and the popular ‘Halfway to Home’. As a result of her performances and contributions, she had also been given a star on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ in 2019.

Rita Wilson Net Worth 2023

Rita Wilson had begun with her career on TV with a small guest appearance which had been given on ‘The Brady Bunch’. This appearance had been filmed in the 1972 episode of the show, with the title as ‘Greg’s Triangle’. Her first solo album, which had been titled as the ‘AM/FM’, had gotten released on 08th May 2012 for people worldwide. Her album had included classics from the 60s and the 70s with a cover which she had performed with the composer and writer for the song, “Witchita Lineman”.

As a result, she had been invited to perform for the US President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama in 2014. She had also been the co-host of this event, which had been organized on the ‘National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony’ in the Washington, D.C. In recent news reports, she has been mentioned for a tribute which she has presented to her husband, Tom Hanks. This has come after it has been revealed that Tom had recently celebrated his birthday and as he had turned 67 years old, Rita had written a funny and heartfelt tribute to her husband. The couple has been together for more than 2 decades and Rita’s message has inspired her fans too.

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Rita Wilson Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Rita Wilson
Born 26th October 1956
Birthplace California, US
Age 66
Occupation Actress, Singer & Producer
Citizenship US & Greece
Known For Runaway Bride in 1999
Awards 2019 Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
Partner Tom Hanks
Children Colin, Elizabeth, Chet and Truman
Faith Greek Orthodox Church
Genres Country Music
Father Hassan Ibrahimoff
Mother Dorothea Tzigkou
Height 5.7 ft
Weight 61 kg
Net Worth More than 40 million USD

Rita Wilson Early Life, Age & Family

Rita, who has been known as a country singer, actress and “A Man Called Otto” film producer, was born on 26th October 1956. It has been stated that her full birth name has been to be Margarita Ibrahimoff, as reported. She has spent most of her early years in her birthplace, Los Angeles. At the age of 66, she has now been married to her husband, Tom Hanks, who has turned 67 recently. She has been raised by her family and parents, namely, Dorothea Tzigkou (her mother) and Hassan Halilov Ibrahimoff (her father) in LA. Her mother has a Greek descent while her father Halilov had been a Bulgarian Muslim.

The family had moved to the US in 1949 and here, Rita’s father had decided to get converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity at the time of his marriage. Following this decision, he had also decided that his new name is going to be changed to ‘Allan Wilson’ in the year 1960. He had worked as a bartender and had been able to speak multiple languages including Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, etc. Rita had been raised during her childhood in the Greek Orthodox Faith by her family. It has also been mentioned that in the late 1980s, Rita had been enrolled in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, which is situated in England.

Rita Wilson Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

In her initial days, Rita had only performed in the guest appearances which she had been offered. Starting from ‘The Brady Lunch’, she also had appeared on the ‘M*A*S*H’ episode in 1982 as a nurse. As a result, she had been able to get roles in bigger movies in later years, this had included the likes of ‘Invisible Child’, Raise Your Voice’, ‘It’s Complicated’, etc. She had also been a part of the television series such as the HBO miniseries, which had been titled as ‘From the Earth to the Moon’. Following this, she also had various guest roles in other TV series.

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She had produced in 2002, the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and had also helped the actress Nia Vardalos get this movie deal, which had also become the highest grossing independent film of all time. Her ‘Broadway’ debut had been when in 2006, she had performed the role of Roxie Hart in “Chicago”. She had also been diagnosed with breast cancer which she had followed with reconstructive surgery. Her solo album ‘AM/FM’ has been released on 08th May 2012, on label called, Decca Records. She had also started with the tour in Chicago to help promote the release of her second album, which had been called “Rita Wilson”.

Rita Wilson Latest News

Rita has been mentioned to have sent a ‘sweet and a funny tribute’ to her husband, after Tom Hanks has recently turned 67 years old on his birthday. This tribute had also been made available for the fans on 09th July 2023, which has been the 67th birthdate for Tom. It had also been shared that Wilson had posted on the social media platform, Instagram, about her love and appreciation towards the fellow actor and her husband, Tom Hanks. She had posted a picture with Tom and had put up an emotional caption along with it.

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