Paramore “This is Why” Album Released

This Is Why is the 6th studio album by American rock band Paramore, released on 10 February 2023, through Atlantic Records. It is the band’s 1st album in nearly 6 years, following After Laughter (2017), as well as their first album to feature the same line-up as its predecessor. The album was preceded by three singles: “This Is Why”, “The News” and “C’est Comme Ça”.

This Is Why received universal acclaim from critics so now we will tell you more about Paramore “This is Why” Album Released – Reviews and Where to Stream so catch it via this page now. 6 years since Paramore unveiled the jangly art rock of After Laughter, the song writing of these ten tracks feel like a natural evolution: slightly older, slightly wiser, quite a huge more outraged at the state of the world.

Paramore’s “This is Why” Album Released

Paramore is finally back as the trio, consisting of Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York, returned from their hiatus to their first album together in six years, This Is Why, via Atlantic Records on on 10 February 2023. This Is Why’ was the very last song we penned down for the album. To be honest, I was so tired of writing lyrics but Taylor convinced Zac and I both that we should work on this last idea,” Williams previously said of the album’s title track in a statement.

“What came out of it was the title track for the whole album. It summarizes the plethora of the emotions, the rollercoaster of being alive in 2022, having survived even just the last years. You had think after a global pandemic and the impending doom of a dying planet, that humans will find it deep within themselves to be kinder or more empathetic or something.”

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Paramore’s “This is Why” Album – Reviews

As per some users, This is Why” Album is an overall cohesive and grand statement of an album which opens with familiar sounds, and explores something interesting, all the while holding a good level of self-involvement and privilege. This album, like After Laughter, suffers slightly from front-loading imbalance.

The back half of the album feels totally different from the front, more personal and relational and coming closer to their pop punk roots. It’s all well executed, however, and offers a glimpse into the ways we have all had to deal with the universal and the particular simultaneously in these last many years.

Where to Stream Paramore’s “This is Why” Album

Paramore have shared This Is Why, the Nashville rock group’s sixth studio album. The music lovers can stream via Apple Music and Spotify. Paramore’s latest album This is Why marks something of a momentus occasion for the band, it’s the first time in there career where the lineup has remained the same.

So with the band now more cohesive than ever, it should come as no surprise that the sound follows suit. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with Carlos de la Garza, who worked with Paramore on their self-titled album and 2017’s After Laughter. He also collaborated with Hayley Williams on Petals for Armor and Flowers for Vases / Descansos.

This Is Why Tracklist:

01. This Is Why
02. The News
03. Running Out of Time
04. C’est Comme Ça
05. Big Man, Little Dignity
06. You First
07. Figure 8
08. Liar
09. Crave
10. Thick Skull

Team Behind “This is Why” Album


  • Hayley Williams – vocals, backing vocals, percussion, piano, composition
  • Taylor York – backing vocals, glockenspiel, guitar, keyboards, programming, vibraphone, composition
  • Zac Farro – backing vocals, drums, keyboards, percussion, programming, vibraphone, composition

Additional musicians

  • Carlos de la Garza – production, backing vocals
  • Brian Robert Jones – bass guitar
  • Henry Solomon – bass clarinet, clarinet, flute
  • Phil Danyew – glockenspiel, keyboards, programming


  • Em Mancini – mastering
  • Manny Marroquin – mixing
  • Harriet Tam – engineering
  • Kyle McAulay – engineering assistance
  • Patrick Kehrier – engineering assistance
  • Scott Moore – engineering assistance
  • Joey Mullen – drum technician
  • Erik Bailey – guitar technician
  • Joanne Almeida – guitar technician


  • Zachary Gray – photography

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