Nelly Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Cars, Songs, Earnings

Nelly, who has been known to pioneer the art of Hip Hop in the Southern states, was born on 02nd November 1974. His stage name had made him popular when he had been a part of the group, St. Lunatics, which had been one of the top local few artists in the Dirty South genre, since 1993. He has been known to be in the industry as a rapper and a hip hop singer for more than a decade now. He had also gotten started with his solo career very late, in the year of 2000, with his commercially successful and popular albums.

It has been mentioned in the recent news reports that fans of Hip Hop had not missed when the Memphis rapper and singer, NLE Choppa had come out with a new picture, wherein he has been seen to be adopting a retro style in the musical video as per his taste and the video has also been seen as a tribute to the southern hip hop lead artist, Cornell, who has been popular among the fans with his stage name, called as Nelly. This information had been revealed by the rapper when he had posted his most recent pictures on his Instagram account, and the fans had quickly recognized his look.

Nelly Net Worth 2023

Nelly had signed to the terms provided by the Universal Records at the start of his musical career in 1999, with his commercial album to have come out for the first time in the following year of 2000. The album which had been titled as ‘Country Grammar’ had been a huge success with various singles from the album being listed as top songs for the year. This had included the likes of ‘Ride Wit Me’, which had been in the Top 10 Hits immediately after the release of the song.

His later albums had also given the hits of the decade which had resulted in his huge popularity and memorable songs such as the “Hot in Herre”, “Dilemma”, “Air Force Ones”, etc. Nelly has also been nominated for various accolades multiple times and he has also been able to bag the awards such as the Grammy Awards, which he has won for 3 times and the Billboard Music Awards, which he has won for about 9 times. He has also been a cinema star, with Nelly’s role being an important part of the movie with actors including Adam Sandler and many others.

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Nelly Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Nelly
Born 02nd November 1974
Birthplace Texas, US
Age 48
Occupation Rapper & Businessman
Group St. Lunatics
Known For Grammy Winning ‘Hot in Herre’ Song
Region Southern
Label Universal Records
Genres Hip Hop, Rap, Dirty South
Total Albums Sold More Than 20 million copies
Awards Billboard Music Awards (9), Grammy Awards (3)
Listed RIAA’s 4th Best Selling Rapper in the US, Billboard’s Number 3 Top Artist for the Decade
Father Cornell Haynes
Mother Rhonda Mack
School University City High School
Children 2
Partner Ashanti
Clothing Brand Vokal (for males) and Apple Bottoms (for females)
Height 5.8 ft
Weight Over 80 kg
Net Worth Over 64 million USD

Nelly Early Life, Age & Family

Born as Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, it has been mentioned that Nelly had born on 02nd November 1974 in the capital city of the state of Texas, known as Austin. He has spent most of his early time growing up in the city, where he had been raised by his parents, namely Cornell Haynes (his father), who had served in the arms of Air Forces and Rhonda Mack (his mother). In his high school, Cornell had formed his first southern hip hop group with his childhood friends, which had been called as the ‘St. Lunatics’.

In 1999, Nelly had left the group to start with his solo career, and his first step in this direction was to sign a deal with the Universal Records. It has been mentioned by many critics that Nelly’s style to rap and put words together is by “using unforgettable hooks based on schoolyard songs, double dutch rants and nonsense rhythms”. Others have also said that his rapping style has also been urban with a Midwestern twang. He had started dating another American popular singer, Ashanti, and the pair had dated between 2003 and 2013. His two children, namely, a son Cornell Hayes 3rd and a daughter, named, Chanelle.

Nelly Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Nelly had come out with his first solo career album with the title ‘Country Grammar’ in early 2000. The album had peaked at number 3, as the title track from the album had been hugely successful. As a result, ‘Country Grammar’ had been certified as nine times platinum by the body of RIAA and had also allowed Nelly to be a special guest performer in Super Bowl XXXV later. This album has sold more than 8 million copies till date after the release of other albums, making it the best album by Nelly so far.

This success had continued for him with his second album, which had been titled as ‘Nellyville’, which had debuted at number 1 on various charts internationally. This album had listed multiple number 1 tracks including ‘Dilemma’, ‘Hot in Herre’, etc. The latter had been able to get Nelly his one of the first Grammy Award for his solo performance in the year 2003. His success had led him to be a part of the film industry later on, which had included films like ‘Snipes’ in 2001, ‘The Longest Yard’ in 2005 (which had included Chris Rock and Adam Sandler in other roles), a cameo on the teen American drama ‘90210’ in 2011, etc.

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Nelly Other Ventures & Latest News

Nelly has been very active in ventures outside of his music too. These businesses have included his two clothing lines, which have been named as ‘Vokal’ & ‘Apple Bottoms’. In the year 2014, he had been the ‘Fourth Best Selling Rapper in the US’, with over 21 million copies of his music to have been sold in the US alone. He had also released a limited edition of “Air Derrty” sneaker line, which had been agreed in a one year deal between Nelly and Nike. His other ventures have included the energy drink ‘Pimp Juice’, key performance in the fitness DVD with title as ‘Celebrity Sweat’, etc.

In the latest news reports, Nelly has become a part of the news recently for the latest single which has been dropped by the Memphis Hip Hop singer & artist, NLE Choppa. It has been reported that Choppa’s new song, which has been inspired by the nostalgic Nelly hit song called ‘Hot in Herre’, has been the much awaited music single. The new ‘It’s Getting Hot’ has also taken samples from the old classic, and NLE’s pictures have shown him dressed in a headband, Classics Denver jersey and sneakers paired with a baggy jeans. This look had been portrayed by Nelly in the original song, who has applauded Choppa for the tribute.

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