Marcelo Vieira Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Stats, Earnings

Marcelo Vieira, who has been known to be a Brazilian footballer famous in the professional leagues, was born on 12th May 1988. Marcelo has been popular for playing in the team in the position of a left back defending player, as it has been reported. He has played in the top Brazilian Football Leagues including the likes of the “Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A” tournament.

He has been known as one of the top Brazilian players who has excellent offensive side playing abilities, he has also become famous for his game which has a high amount of technical quality display of skills, as it has been mentioned. For this reason, Marcelo has been termed as one of the greatest players to hold the position of a left back in the field ever. He has spent most of his football career with the Real Madrid, a club which has Spanish roots.

Marcelo Vieira Net Worth 2023

During his time in his football career in the professional Spanish Football Club, Real Madrid, Vieira has also become to be known as the “Most Decorated Player in the Club”, as he has been able to win about 25 trophies for his performance in the football matches. He had started with his football journey with the Fluminense Club in the year 2005. Fluminense is a Brazilian Football Club which has been known to compete in professional leagues such as the national league and the top tier of state tournaments.

Marcelo had started with the Fluminense Club in the year 2005, when he had been also termed as a Campeonato Carioca award title for his skills and performance in the debut season that same year. As a result, it had also been mentioned that the Brazilian defender had also been named as a part of the Brasileirao Team of The Season in the year 2016. Following the first two years, Marcelo had then been invited to his current Spanish club, which has been popular among the fans as, Real Madrid. It had been reported that Marcelo had agreed to join the team after he had been paid an amount in joining fee for about 8 million USD in those days.

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Marcelo Vieira Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Marcelo Vieira
Born 12th May 1988
Birthplace Brazil
Age 35
Occupation Footballer
Team Fluminense
Past Team Real Madrid
Position Left Back
Number 12th
Father Marcelo Vieira da Silva
Mother Maria das Gracas da Silva
Wife Clarice Alves
Children 2
Known For Offensive Style
Height 5.9 ft
Weight Over 80 kg
Net Worth Over 16 million USD

Marcelo Vieira Early Life, Age & Family

Marcelo had born as Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior, as mentioned in the birthdate on 12th May 1988 in Brazil. He had spent most of his childhood years growing up in the Rio de Janerio, where he had started to play football at a young age. Marcelo had hugely skilled himself in the game of football and as a result, he also had been able to join the Fluminense Youth Academy, when he had just turned 13 years old.

Marcelo had been raised in Rio by his parents, namely, Marcelo Vieira da Silva (his father), who had worked as a fireman and Maria das Gracas da Silva (his mother), who had worked as a professional teacher, in a middle class family. His agent has been his own brother, Juliano, and it has been shared that Marcelo’s love for music and dance has grown over the years, as his game has also improved. Vieira has been married to Clarice Alves (his wife), and at the age of 35, Marcelo and Clarice have two children, Liam and Enzo.

Marcelo Vieira Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Marcelo had started with his interest in the football career after he had joined the Fluminense Football Club in the year 2005, after which he had been a part of the 2006 Season’s Team of the Year too. In 2007, after signing with the Real Madrid for a huge fees of about 8 million USD, Marcelo had started to become popular. During his time with Madrid, he has been able to win five times the UEFA Champions League and 6 titles from the La Liga.

As a result, in 2021, it had been announced that Marcelo had become the captain of Madrid as the 2021 season had just started. The feat had come to him after his performance, thus, making him the “Only Foreign Captain Since 1904”. As this season had ended, Marcelo had decided to leave the club in 2022 for a brief time at Olympiacos, which had again ended with his return back to the initial Fluminense Club in 2023.

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Marcelo Vieira Latest News & Stats

In the recent reports, it has been revealed that Marcelo had accidentally caused a ‘Serious Injury’ to another fellow footballer, Luciano Sanchez, who has been an Argentine Defender, following which, the player had been expelled immediately by referees. The left back Brazilian footballer, had later revealed in a post online, that he had to live “A Very Difficult Moment On The Pitch” and had wished a speedy and good recovery for Sanchez. The incident had happened when during the match, Marcelo had lined up in defense and while dribbling Sanchez, he had accidentally hit Sanchez’s leg (knee injury).

Marcelo Vieira International Football Stats

Year Team Appearances in League Goals
2005 Brazil U17 3 01
2007 Brazil U20 4 00
2012 Brazil Olympic 6 00
Till 2018 Brazil 58 06

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