Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 – Lot Size, GMP, Allotment & Listing, Buy or Not?

In the latest news, it is now reported that the company ‘Mamaearth’ is finally ready to come out with the official IPO date in the coming days. This has been checked, and it is found that the popular brand for its many beauty products has been in the process of declaring the official Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 (opening from 31st October 2023 until 02nd November 2023) for the past few months. It must be noted that the unicorn brand ‘Mamaearth’ is popular for products related to baby care in all the age groups, and at the same time, for the needs of women beauty products.

This is one of the much awaited IPO news, and it is now being the most popular topic on various social media pages, which are based on the financial and money market updates. There are a lot of points which are (related to the IPO for now) important, and for this reason, will be shared with the people interested in the Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 (between 31st October 2023 and 2nd November 2023) in this article. To take a look at these Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 Updates, it is informed that the readers stay till the end of the article.

Mamaearth IPO Date 2023

In the recent updates about the upcoming IPOs from various regions, it has been reported that the Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 is out now. This has been added to the final points which have kept the customers of the baby-women beauty product brand excited. This is because it is now finalized, after a long time of more than 3 months, that the Mamaearth IPO is going to open for the public from 31st October 2023, and the date which has been taken to close the window is 02nd November 2023. These Mamaearth IPO Dates 2023 have been revealed after the strong demand has been seen for the same.

It must be noted that the brand of Mamaearth has seen a huge growth in the recent years, and as a result, the excitement for Diwali this year is going to get doubled by the news that the Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 has been announced. The parent company of Mamaearth, also called popularly as, Honasa Consumer Pvt. Limited, is going to launch the much awaited IPO for Mamaearth in the Mamaearth IPO Schedule 2023 which opens from 31st October 2023 and goes until 02nd November 2023. Not only that, the anchor portion of the Mamaearth’s IPO is going to open on 30th October 2023 for a total of 46,819,635 shares in the process.

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Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 & Shares Overview

Company Name Mamaearth
Parent Company HONASA Consumer PVT LTD
Company Products Beauty Products
Founded 2016
Founders Ghazal & Varun Alagh (Husband & Wife)
MAMAEARTH IPO Date 2023 31st October 2023 – 02nd November 2023
Mamaearth IPO Price Band INR 308-324 for every share
Allotment 07th November 2023
Refunds 08th November 2023
Listing (NSE, BSE) 10th November 2023
Known For First Unicorn in 2022
Raising Amount Around INR 1700 Crore
OFS Shares 53,098,811 Shares
Face Value INR 10
Shares Credit To Demat A/C 09th November 2023
Lot Size Minimum Bids for 46 Shares (multiples of 46 only after that) Maximum Bid (13 lots for maximum of 2 Lakh Rupees)

Mamaearth IPO 2023 Date Key Points

The wait is over for everyone who wanted to find out about the official Mamaearth IPO Date 2023, after the parent company HONASA Consumer Pvt. Limited was able to complete the filing of its DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) with the market regulating authority in India (also known as SEBI) last year on 30th December 2022. This DRHP filing by Mamaearth’s parent company had listed that the upcoming Mamaearth IPO Details 2023 will include a fresh issue of a total of about INR 365-400 Crore, and to add to this, it was also reported that there will be a total of 46,819,635 (more than 40 million shares) shares in the Mamaearth IPO 2023. Reports say that the Mamaearth IPO 2023 is expected to raise about INR 1700 Crore to target a valuation of over INR 10,500 Crore.

These 46,819,635 Mamaearth shares are a part of the Offer for Sale shares which are going to be made available on the Mamaearth IPO Date 2023 (between 31st October 2023 and 02nd November 2023). In the process, it is said that the face value for each Mamaearth’s equity share is going to be Rs. 10. In the IPO, both the promoters namely Varun & Ghazal Alagh are going to sell their shares (Varun selling 3,186,300 shares and Ghazal selling 100,000 shares). To add to that, the investors of Mamaearth including the likes of Evolvence India Coinvest PCC, Sofina, Fireside Venture Fund, Stellaris, etc. are also going to sell a part of their stakes in shares that they have.

Mamaearth IPO Date 2023: Invest or Not?

The upcoming Mamaearth IPO 2023 will have Kotak Mahindra Bank, Citi, JM Financials, with JP Morgan as their booking running managers in the lead during the IPO. In the reports, March 2023 FY the revenues for Honasa Ltd were seen growing to about 58.3% to a total of about INR 1493 Crore from INR 943 Crore in the last financial year, and this report will help to make the decision for public if they want to invest or not.

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It must be noted that the quarterly FY24 results for Mamaearth had booked more than INR 460 Crore as total revenue, which makes it a strong brand to invest into.

The amount from the fresh issues of Mamaearth IPO shares is going to be used as: INR 186 Crore (on ads expenses), INR 34 Crore (for new Mamaearth EBO), INR 27 Crore will go into the subsidiary BBlunt to get new salons ready.

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