Logan Paul Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Cars, YouTube Income

Logan Paul, who is a popular YouTube content creator with audience all over the world, was born on 01st April 1995. Logan has been known to have a huge following on his social media platform accounts, and as a result, he has also become one of the prominent social media personality in 2023. He has also been signed by the WWE, where he has been seen performing on a part time only basis as he is also a professional wrestler. He has been known to be the host of the podcast, titled with his name as inspiration, ‘Impaulsive’.

 Logan has also been a previous actor and before he had gotten famous, he had also been posting sketches on the video sharing application ‘Vine’. He had registered YouTube channel ‘TheOfficialLoganPaul’ in the October of 2013. Following the closure of ‘Vine’, he had started posting regularly on YouTube. This was again followed by a second channel which was titled as the ‘Logan Paul Vlogs’, which has since become his most subscribed YouTube channel. It has been estimated that in the year of 2022, this channel had already surpassed 23 million in subscribers and 5 billion in total views.

Logan Paul Net Worth 2023

Logan Paul has been known to have been ranked on the Forbes list for the highest paid YouTube creators in the years of 2017, 2018 and in 2021. As he has also been signed to the WWE in 2023, it has made Logan popular as a prominent professional wrestler. It has also been suggested that the total number of subscribers who follow him on YouTube channels are more than 23 million in 2023. For his podcast, ‘Impaulsive’, there have been more than 4 million subscribers who have made Logan a successful content creator.

His channel which has been posting regular vlogs by Logan has been able to gain more than 5 billion views in total. The channel has also become one of the top 100 most-subscribed channel in the US, and it stands at number 75. Paul has also been able to become popular as an actor after he had been able to make guest appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit & Bizaardvark, etc. and there are films where he has also been in the lead such as ‘The Thinning’, etc. In trying to explore other avenues, Logan had also released his single “2016”, in the year 2016.

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Logan Paul Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Logan Paul
Born 01st April 1995
Age 28
Birthplace Ohio, US
Occupation Wrestler, Online Personality & Businessman
Brother Jake Paul
Parents Pamela Stepnick (mother) & Gregory Paul (father)
Education Westlake High School, Ohio University
Known For ‘Impaulsive’ Podcast
Total Subscribers 23.7 million
Total Views 5.9 billion
Genre Vlog Comedy
Channels TheOfficialLoganPaul & Logan Paul Vlogs
Controversy CryptoZoo Game (NFT Based)
Height 6.2 ft
Weight 93 kg
Net Worth Over 246 million USD

Logan Paul Early Life, Age & Family

Logan was born as Logan Alexander Paul on 01st April 1995 in the city of Westlake in Ohio. Logan was born as the elder son of his parents, namely, Pamela Stepnick (Logan’s mother) and Gregory Paul (Logan’s Father). Logan has a mixed ancestry which includes English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Jewish, German, and French. He had spent most of his childhood growing up in Westlake with his younger brother, Jake. It has also been stated that he had started creating YouTube videos for a channel named ‘Zoosh’, when he had been just 10 years old.

Logan had attended Westlake High School, where he had also been a part of the football team and had achieved the ranks of The Plain Dealer’s All Star Linebacker on the team. As a result, he had also qualified for the Ohio High School Athletic Association 2013 Division 1 Wrestling Championship, which is organized at the state level. For his college education, Logan had chosen to major in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University before he had dropped out to pursue social media entertainment industry full time. For this purpose, he had shifted to an apartment in Los Angeles, with other Vine stars.

Logan Paul Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Logan had first risen to fame after he had become a member of the video sharing service, ‘Vine’. By the year 2014, he had already been able to get more than 3 million followers on all of his social media accounts combined. As a result, in the year 2015, he had been ranked as the 10th most influential figure on ‘Vine’ platform. The reason for this had been his six second videos which had started earning him more than hundred thousand dollars in the form of total ad revenue.

In the same year 2015, he had also appeared on Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, it had been followed by his appearance in the TV series ‘Weird Loners’ on Fox TV. In 2016, he had released his first single titled ‘2016’. This was also followed by an amateur boxing match between Logan and another YouTube personality, KSI. He had also written the screenplay for an adult comedy production, titled ‘Airplane Mode’. This was followed by brand deals which had brought in huge revenues from collaborating companies such as HBO, Pepsico, etc.

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Logan Paul Latest News & Controversy

In 2018, YouTube had suspended all advertising on Logan’s YouTube channels due to his “pattern of behavior”, in reference to a joke he had made about the Tide Pod Challenge. As a result, his revenue had been temporarily put on hold. In 2021, he had released a game which was based on NFT, and it was called CryptoZoo. The game had not been well received and there had been harsh criticism that the game had been marketed to target children.

After this had become clear, Logan had put up an apology via Twitter and had promised to refund about a total of 1.3 million USD to all the NFT holders of CryptoZoo through ‘rewards program’. It has to be noted that till date no refunds have been issued by Logan. In the latest controversy, it has been reported that Logan’s energy drink called Prime is possibly going to be investigated for its caffeinated version of the drink. There has also been a class-action lawsuit, which has been filed on behalf of CryptoZoo users.

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