Logan Gilbert Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Logan Gilbert, who has also been known as one of the best pitchers that have played as a part of the Seattle Mariners, was born on 05th May 1997. As an American player who has played baseball professionally, he has been known to be active in playing against the opponents for the league, known popularly among the baseball fans as, the MLB, or the Major League baseball. In the MLB, Logan has been playing mainly in most of the matches as a pitcher for his team.

As a professional baseball player, his fame has come after he has spent some time playing for the professional baseball team in the US, the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners have been known to compete in the MLB League matches, at the same time, they are also a professional baseball member club in the American League West Division. It must be noted that Logan has been playing as a professional MLB baseball player since the year of his MLB debut match, which had occurred in the year of 2021.

Logan Gilbert Net Worth 2023

Logan had begun with his early baseball days when in the year 2019, he had been a part of the Charleston Dirty Birds (or the West Virginia Power) baseball club. In the same year, he had also been selected to be the Opening Day Starter for the West Virginia Power Baseball Club. Following this, he had been promoted to be a part of the Minor League Baseball Club in the US, which has also been called as the Modesto Nuts. This feat had come to him after he had been able to pitch a 1-0 record.

In the same year with the West Virginia, he had also finished with an ERA+ of 1.59 in a total of about 5 starts, as a result, he had then been invited to the Modesto Nuts. During his time with the Modesto, it had been seen that Logan had been able to pitch with a 5-3 record, which had resulted in a total of about 12 starts with the team. His ERA had also reached about 1.73 in total which had helped him to strike out more than 70 batters in more than 60 innings combined.

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Logan Gilbert Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Logan Gilbert
Born 05th May 1997
Birthplace Florida, US
Age 26
Occupation Baseball Player
Position Pitcher
Team Seattle Mariners
Joined 2021
Drafted 2018 MLB Draft
MLB Debut May 2021
Bats Right
Throws Right
Religion Christian
Partner Aviles Gilbert
College Stetson University
School Wekiva High School
Father Noel Gilbert
Mother Keith Gilbert
Brother Tyler Gilbert
Height 6.5 ft
Weight Over 90 kg
Net Worth Over 6 million USD

Logan Gilbert Early Life, Age & Family

Logan Gilbert, born as Logan Keith Gilbert, as mentioned in the birthdate 05th May 1997, was born in the state of Florida in the US. He has spent most of his early years as a child growing up in the city of Winter Park, where he had been raised by his parents, namely, Keith Gilbert (his mother) and Noel Gilbert (his father). Logan also has an elder brother, Tyler Gilbert, who has been working as a Data Analytics Manager for many years.

During his childhood, Logan had attended the Wekiva High School, which has been situated in the Apopka region of Florida. It has been mentioned that Logan had not been drafted for the leagues after he had completed his schooling, instead he had chosen to enrol for his college education. This had led to Logan be a part of the college baseball team for the Stetson University, which had been known as the Stetson Hatters Baseball Team. Logan’s girlfriend, Aviles Champion, had also graduated from Stetson.

Logan Gilbert Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Logan, as a freshman in his amateur career had been able to be a part of about 21 games where he had been given 5 starts. In these games, he had been able to record a 2-1 which had been added to the ERA (earned run average) of about 2.74, alongside 43 strikeouts in a total of about 49 innings. In the following season, he had been a pitcher for the Bethesda Big Train Collegiate Summer Baseball Team in the Cal Ripken League, which had resulted in an ERA of 1.70 with 28 strikeouts in total. In the 2018 season for the Major League Baseball Draft, it had been noted that Logan Gilbert had been among the top few prospects for that year.

As a result, he had been picked by the Seattle Mariners as their 14th overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft Season. This had led to a contract which had been noted for more than 3 million USD, and he had been assigned to the Everett AquaSox, which had failed later. Again, on 13th May 2021, Logan had been selected to get promoted for his MLB debut as a starting pitcher. His previous appearance had been delayed due to his illness which had not allowed Logan to play, as a result he had been shut down.

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Logan Gilbert Latest News

In the latest news, it has been revealed that Logan had pitched a total of about seven innings which had gone scoreless alongside striking out a career high 12 in a recent match in August 2023. In this match which had been played against the San Diego Padres, Logan had also made 21 batters to retire, giving only an infield single, as it has been reported.

This had also led the Mariners to win a total of 11 games out of the total 13 for the final AL wild card entry, while the Padres had lost their third game in a row. As a result of this, the Mariners have topped the Padres with an overall score of 2-0 in the match, which had been an opener for a two game interleague series between them.

Logan Gilbert MLB Stats

Win-Loss 28-16
Strikeouts (till 2023) 428
ERA+ 3.80

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