Jackie Chan Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Income, Movies

Jackie Chan, a professional actor whose films have been released in multiple languages, was born on 07th April 1954. His films have not only been a part of the English speaking countries but they have also been made to be popular in other parts of Asia too. Jackie Chan has been honored with multiple ranks and orders as part of the honor systems in various countries, which has led him to be known popularly in the industry as Jackie Chan SBS MBE PMW. These letters are used to denote the various ranks and stars which have been a part of Jackie’s honors.

This includes SBS, which is the ‘Silver Bauhinia Star’ and it was given to him for his active work in public work or voluntary work for the public in Hong Kong for a long period. It also includes MBE, which is used for the ‘Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’, which is given for the work done as civil service for a long period or for works done by people in the fields of arts and sciences. PMW is a Malaysian order rank given for people for their work with charitable causes.

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2023

Jackie Chan has been known in the film industries for decades for his skills as an actor, martial artist, filmmaker and stuntman. Jackie was born in British Hong Kong on 07th April 1954 and at 69 years old, he is now also one of the well known philanthropists around the world. Jackie has also been shown to have a distinct style which he uses in his slapstick acrobatic fighting style and innovative stunts for his films. He started with his acting career mainly during 1960s and since then, it has been reported that he has completed over 150 films.

Jackie has also been reported to have one of the widest reaches as his influence has covered the audiences from both the Eastern and the Western hemispheres. He has been in the recent news articles where it has been reported that a video of the Hong Kong actor and one of his co stars Liu Haocun has come out. In the video, Jackie and Liu are watching the actor’s journey as Jackie’s most memorable stunts are played in front of them. While watching them, both Jackie and Liu had started crying in the video which has started trending now.

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Jackie Chan Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Jackie Chan
Occupation Martial Arts Artist, Actor & Filmmaker
Born 07th April 1954
Age 69
Birthplace British Hong Kong
Wife Joan Lin
Genre Comedy Kung Fu, Mandopop, Cantopop
Height 5.8 ft
Weight 75 kg
Known For Rush Hour Movie Series
Autobiography I am Jackie Chan
Net Worth Over 400 million USD
First Movie as Lead New Fist of Fury (1976)

Jackie Chan Age, Family & Early Life

Born as Chan Kong Sang, Jackie was born on 07th April 1954 and he was raised in British Hong Kong during his early years. Jackie was born to Fang Daolong and Lee Lee Chan, who were political refugees from the Chinese Civil War. His father had briefly worked as a secret agent for one of the chief spies in Kuomintang China. His father had later changed his name and when Jackie had been able to know about his father’s occupation and identity, he had also changed his name. He first changed his name to Fang Shilong, which he would have been named as according to his kin’s genealogy book in 1990s.

Jackie had attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School on the Hong Kong Island, where after he had failed in school, his parents had decided to withdraw him. In the year 1960, his father had been able to emigrate in Australia where his job had been to work as the head cook for the American Embassy. This led to Jackie being chosen to attend the China Drama Academy, which was a Peking Opera School. Jackie’s next decade was spent mainly in training extensively so he could excel in the areas of martial arts and acrobatics.

Jackie Chan Career Beginning, Movies & Breakthrough

Jackie had begun to appear in small roles by the age of 5 as a child actor. His group, ‘Seven Little Fortunes’ had some of its members selected to be a part of the film ‘Big and Little Wong Tin Bar’ in 1962. This was followed by extra roles in 1964 film by Yen Chun and other small roles in films such as ‘A Touch of Zen’, etc. He was also selected to play as a stunt double for the Japanese villain in the film ‘Fist of Fury’, starring Bruce Lee as lead in 1972. In 1973, Jackie was again given a chance to be a part of another Bruce Lee’s film called ‘Enter the Dragon’.

Willie Chan, in 1976, got in touch with Jackie as he was very impressed by his work as a stunt choreographer. This led to Jackie being selected for a role in a film which was directed by Lo Wei. Lo Wei had then planned to launch Jackie in the way as Bruce Lee’s film career had been started. For this purpose, he had made the film ‘New Fist of Fury’ with Jackie, but the film had been a failure at the box office. The reason for this had been that Jackie and Bruce Lee had different styles for fighting and martial arts.

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Jackie Chan Latest News, Movies & Income

Jackie had his first major role in the 1978 film ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’, which had been one of the first movies for a new genre called ‘Comedic Kung Fu’. This success had allowed Jackie to be a part of the American film called ‘The Big Brawl’, which was his first international film. His first attempts to break into the US film market had largely failed as the audience had still not been used to the new genre. But his later movies such as the ‘Armour of God 2’, Police Story 3, Rush Hour etc. had made him one of the biggest action movie stars in Asia and Europe.

In recent reports which have come out, it has been revealed that Jackie has also decided to donate 100 percent of his wealth for charity. His thought had been revealed earlier when he had only decided to donate half of his wealth, which has been reported to be over 400 million USD. He has recently been seen teaming up with John Cena for his upcoming action comedy film, ‘Hidden Strike’. He has mentioned that the reason for his complete wealth donation is that he wants other to have more opportunities.

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