Is Tina Turner Alive? Bio, Net Worth, Career, Age, Height, Family

Tina Turner, who has been known to have the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” attached to her as a second name, had been born on 26th November 1939 in the US. She was an American professional actress, songwriter and a very popular singer. She has been known all over the world where pop, rock, etc. genres had been popular to have a style which was full of energy in her performances. Most of Tina’s prominence had been a result of her style which had been noted to be full of swagger, powerful vocals, sensuality and lots of energy.

Tina has been popular as one part of the popular musical duo in the US, which was known as the ‘Ike & Tina Turner Revue’. For most of their performances, the duo was supported by Ike’s band for the musical assistance. The duo was called as ‘Ike & Tina Turner Revue’ as the members which had comprised of the group were husband and wife, Tina Turner and Ike Turner. Tina had been the lead singer for the group when they performed between the years in 1960s till 1976.

Tina Turner Net Worth 2023

Tina Turner has been in the recent news due to her funeral event which had recently taken place. She had been battling against a long illness which until 24th May 2023, when she announced as dead by the authorities, as it had been shown in the reports. She had died in her home, where she had been staying in Kusnacht, situated near Zurich in Switzerland. Her death had been announced officially by a post which had come out on Instagram immediately following her death. The post was a tribute to Tina’s contributions to the public and her memories.

It must be noted that the “Queen of Rock n Roll” had always wanted that her funeral not be a big public event. She had also not wanted her memorial service to be a highly public event, as reported. It has now been seen that her wish has been fulfilled as her husband Erwin Bach had recently organized a small low key memorial service for Tina where only a small group of close friends and family had been invited. She had been a resident in Kusnacht in Switzerland where she had shifted in 1994 and had stayed there until her death on 24th May 2023.

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Tina Turner Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Tina Turner
Birthday 26th November 1939
Age 83
Birthplace Tennessee, US
Group Ike & Tina Turner Revue
Autobiography I, Tina (1986)
Known For Energetic Performances & Powerful Vocals
Partner Eric Bach
Education Flagg Grove Elementary School, Summer High School
Parents Floyd Bullock (father) and Zelma Priscilla (mother)
Sisters Ruby Bullock & Evelyn Juanita
Awards 12 Grammy Awards (8 Competitive Grammies)
Record Guinness World Record for “largest paying audience for a solo performer”
Honors ‘St. Louis Walk of Fame’, ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ & ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’
Height 5.4 ft
Weight 58 kg
Net Worth Over 250 million USD

Tina Turner Early Life, Age & Family

Tina Turner had her birthdate as 26th November 1939, according to various articles and it had been mentioned that her birth name was Anna Mae Bullock. She was born in Brownsville, which is an important county seat in Tennessee in the US. Her parents were Floyd Bullock, her father and Zelma Priscilla, her mother and she was the youngest daughter of the pair. The two older sisters have been Evelyn Juanita and Ruby Bullock, who has also been a songwriter. It must be noted that the 3 young sisters had been separated after their parents had moved to Tennessee.

This had led to Tina to stay with her paternal grandparents who have also been very strict and religious. After the World War 2 had been over, the sisters had been reunited and all had moved to Knoxville. Next, she had attended the Flagg Grove Elementary School till 08th grade. Tina has also stated in her autobiography, which is titled as “I, Tina”, that she had always felt that her parents had not loved her and that she had also felt not wanted. She had always seen herself as a tomboy, and she had graduated from the Summer High School in 1958. This had happened after Tina’s grandmother had died and she had gone to stay with her mother in St. Louis.

Tina Turner Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Tina had started to perform in nightclubs and during this time, she had seen Ike Turner perform with his group, the Kings of Rhythm at the Manhattan Club in East St. Louis. She had been so impressed that she had asked Ike to let her perform with him. Later, one night, in the year 1957, when she had sung in front of the crowd, the Kings of Rhythm drummer, Eugene Washington had let her be a part of the band. Bullock, which was her birth name, had been introduced to the general public as Tina Turner in 1960 with the song ‘A Fool in Love’.

The song had reached number 27th rank on the Billboards. This had led to the creation of the group ‘Ike & Tina Turner Revue’, which comprised of Kings of Rhythm and a girl group, the Ikettes as their back vocalists. The group was known to be one of the hottest and most explosive of all the other R&B groups. The group had signed with the ‘Philles’ label and their single “River Deep- Mountain High” had failed to reach number one. This was followed by a deal with the Blue Thumb Records, which helped them release their album, “Outta Season” in 1969. This album had gained Tina a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Female R&B Vocal Performance’.

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Tina Turner Latest News, Awards & Death

In the year 2018, Turner had revealed in her memoir titled ‘My Love Story, that she had been battling multiple illnesses which had been life threatening to her. Due to her high blood pressure, her kidneys had also failed later. In 2016, after she had suffered some time with intestinal cancer, she had tried homeopathy treatment which worsened her condition. Her husband had donated a kidney for her transplant surgery in 2017 but after numerous years which had been spent with illnesses, Tina had died on 24th May 2023, at the age of 83 in her house in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

As her popularity had increased, Tina had been often referred to as “The Queen of Rock n Roll”. She also had a Guinness World Record as the “largest paying audience for a solo performer”. Tina had been the first singer whose hits were in TOP 40 in 7 seven decades continuously. A total of about 100 million Tina’s records had been sold till date. This has also helped her to win about 12 Grammy Awards including 8 competitive Grammies. She has also been chosen to be on the ‘St. Louis Walk of Fame’, ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ and also on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’.

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