Hindu Nav Varsh Wishes 2023

Hindu Nav Varsh Wishes 2023 Quotes, Shayari, Status: The Hindu New Year has begun from today. Hindu New Year and Chaitra Navratri started on 22 March 2023. This year there will be 13 months instead of 12. According to Brahma Purana, the creation started on this day. The reckoning of time had started from this day itself. The beginning of Satyug is also considered from this day.

When the Hindu New Year begins, the month of Chaitra begins and spring arrives. Navratri is the first festival of Chaitra month and Hindu New Year, in which Maa Durga is worshiped with full devotion for 9 days. Here we will share Hindu Nav Varsh Wishes 2023 Quotes, Greetings, Images, and Status check this page.

Hindu Nav Varsh Wishes 2023

Chaitra Navratri started on 22 March 2023 means today is the first Navratri and on this day Maa Shailputri is worshipped. Navratri is not a one-day festival but a great festival that lasts for nine days. During this, chants and bhajans of Maa Ambe are heard echoing everywhere in the house and temple. Nine different forms of Maa Durga are worshiped in Chaitra Navratri, a very important festival from the religious point of view.

New Year is a symbol of innovation for all communities and on the occasion of New Year, everyone takes new resolutions. To increase the popularity of this day, special programs have been organized for the last few years. On this occasion, you can congratulate and Hindu Nav Varsh wishes in Hindi 2023 to your near and dear ones. Hindu New Year Quotes, Messages, and Status are presented for you. Impress your loved ones by wishing them a very Happy Hindu New Year 2080.

Hindu Nav Varsh wishes in Hindi 2023

हिंदू नववर्ष विक्रम संवत 2080
हर सुबह आपकी समृद्धि लाए
हर दोपहर विश्वास दिलाए
हर शाम उम्मीदें लाए
और हर रात सुकून से भरी हो
हिंदू नववर्ष की खूब सारी बधाई।

चैत्र माह की शुक्ल प्रतिपदा का हैं अवसर
खुशियों से बीते नववर्ष का हर एक पल
हिंदू नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

हिंदू नववर्ष में आपको आशीर्वाद मिले गणेश जी से
विद्या मिले सरस्वती से, धन-समृद्धि मिले लक्ष्मी से
जीवनभर प्यार मिले सब से
हिंदू नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

Hindu Nav Varsh 2023 Quotes, Greetings

Generally, 1 January is celebrated as New Year all over the world. But according to the Hindu community, the Hindu new year begins on the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Along with this, Chaitra Navratri dedicated to the worship of Maa Bhagwati also starts on this special day.

As the Hindu New Year has been started on 22 March 2023, Wednesday. New Year 2080 started from this day, while welcoming the new year, do send some Hindu Nav Varsh 2023 special greeting messages to your relatives and wish them a happy new year.

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Why do we celebrate Hindu Nav Varsh?

According to Brahma Puran, the creation of the universe was created on the Chaitra-Shukla-Pratipada date. From this day, the great mathematician Bhaskaracharya Ji discovered the position of the Sun (sunrise and sunset) and created the Hindu calendar by counting the days, months, and years, and the Hindu New Year is celebrated.

Vikram Samvat 2080 Images, Status

The last month of the Hindu calendar is considered as Phalgun month and the new year starts with the following month i.e. Chaitra month. Every year the new Vikram Samvat starts with the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Vikram Samvat was started by King Vikramaditya. At the beginning of Vikram Samvat, Vikramaditya freed his kingdom from all debts.

The new Vikram Samvat is known by different names in each state. It is believed that Mathematician Bhaskaracharya composed Varsha, Nah, Sunrise-Sunset, etc. on the Pratipada date of Chaitra month. Because of this, the new calendar was started on this day itself. On the basis of this Panchang, auspicious work is done in Hinduism.

Hindu Nav Varsh 2080 Chaitra Navratri 2023, Shayari Status

Celebrate Hindu Nav Varsh 2080 with your loved ones by sending Hindu Nav Varsh 2080 Wishes Messages and Wallpapers. Vikrami Samvat 2080 is starting on 22 March 2023 all over India, to make it more special, we have given below some Hindu New Year Shayari, Status, Poster, etc.

On the first day of the new year and the auspicious festival of Chaitra Navratri
May Mata Rani fulfil all your wishes
Best wishes for 2080 Hindu New Year.

There should be new colors, new enthusiasm in the eyes
Have new faith in your mind to touch the new sky
Let us change the color of the old season in the new year
Honeymoon brought new spring in life
Best wishes for the new Vikram Samvat 2080.

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