Hightown Season 3 Release Date – Episodes, Plot, Story and Cast

Not many shows on the streaming services are about the use of drugs, addiction and the war on drugs in 2023, which are in the top lists in any country. But there is one show which stands out of all the others, and this show has been named as Hightown. This crime thriller series deals with murders, drugs, etc. in the show, and as a result of its unique storytelling, Hightown has now become one of the top shows in the past years. For this reason, it is now expected that the show Hightown makes a return with another installment for all the fans worldwide.

For this reason, when the show’s second season had come to an end, all the viewers had started to look for more information about renewals. But all these Hightown fans were not able to find anything new about the official Hightown Filming Status of the third season. This is why the latest update for the season’s third installment is going to be the most important update for these fans as it is going to give an idea about the official Hightown Season 3 Release Date, Hightown Season 3 Production Status, Hightown Season 3 Cast, Hightown Season 3 Plot, etc.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date

The compelling narrative of the crime drama Hightown has been able to collect a lot of attention in the last season of the show. For this reason, the viewership of the crime TV series Hightown had reached a new high with the end of the first two seasons. This had led to a huge demand for the show to be renewed for a third season, and as a result, the production teams behind the success of these Hightown seasons had finally made the announcement in the year 2022. This was an official Hightown announcement, which was made to mention that the show had been selected to be renewed for another season.

After the official Hightown Season 3 Renewal Status had been given a green light, the excitement had started to build up within the fan base as it was expected that the end of 2022 is also going to see the release of third season. But, the plan had later been changed and the renewal announcement of March 2022 had been followed by a delay. It has now been reported that the drugs story TV drama Hightown is going to be released with another new batch of episodes by the end of this year.

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Hightown Seasons & Episodes Overview

TV Show Hightown
Genre Crime, Drama
Seasons 2
Upcoming Season Season 3
Country US
Language English
Total Episodes 18
Debut May 2020
Runtime 52-57 minutes
Platform Starz

Hightown Season 3 Release Date & Story

As the audience worldwide get captivated by the successful storyline of the crime TV series, Hightown, the wait for the next season keeps on increasing. To help with this, we have taken a collection of all the important updates which are related to the upcoming Hightown Season 3 Release Date and shared with you in this article. So, if you are also one of the Jackie fans who have been waiting to find the resolutions of the cliffhanger endings of past Hightown seasons, then you are at the right place. This is because all the other information such as Hightown Season 3 Episodes, Hightown Season 3 Production Status, etc. are shared here.

In the series, the story tells about Jackie Quinones (played by Monica Raymund), who is a Service Agent in the National Marine Fisheries working in Massachusetts. Jackie has been abusing drugs and alcohol, and as the story tells, she finds the body of a woman who has been murdered in the city. This leads to an investigation into the matter by a team of Detectives, namely Alan Saintille (played by Dohn Norwood) and Ray Abruzzo (played by James Badge Dale), and as a result, the story unfolds to tell about the city’s opioid epidemic and Cape Cod’s organized crime.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date & Plot

It must be noted that the official confirmation for the Hightown Season 3 Renewal had come out in March 2022, and it was then followed by the production for the episodes by May 2022. In some other reports, it had been mentioned that the show is still possible to be released with its third chapter before the end of 2023, but due to the strikes ongoing in Hollywood, it is still unclear what the exact date for the Hightown Season 3 Premiere is going to be. This delay has also been caused by the split between Lionsgate and Starz which has affected many shows.

In the next season, it is expected that the story is going to pick up to show if Jackie is going to be able to quit addictive habits again or is there going to be a relapse again. The story is also going to tell if Frankie is still alive after the stabbings which Osito had ordered in prison, and to add to that, will Rene be caught for murdering Jorge? All these answers are going to be revealed only with the release of the third season of Hightown, which is either going to be released in late 2023 or next year on Starz.

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Hightown Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Other Updates

For the possible late 2023 release of Hightown Season 3 Episodes, the expected cast members are going to be:

Monica Raymund playing Jackie, Riley Voelkel playing Renee Segna, James Dale playing Ray, Dohn Norwood playing Alan, Amaury Nolasco playing Frankie and Atkins as Osito.

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