George Santos Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Charges against him

George Santos is an American politician who is serving since 2023 as the U.S. representative for the New York’s third congressional district. Santos was elected to Congress in the year of 2022, after his previous attempt to run against Thomas Suozzi in the year of 2020 was unsuccessful for the same. George is also a member of the Republican Party and is also known as the first Republican Party Member who has been elected into the federal office as an openly LGBT non incumbent too.

It has also been reported in the recent updates related to George Santos, that Santos has made multiple false claims which are related to his education, background, work, etc. This news had spread after there were various news media outlets which had come out suggesting that most of the parts which comprise of George’s biography were looking made up.

George Santos Net Worth 2023

Moreover, this was also supported by the fact that this biography of George Santos was published by himself. According to the news, the parts of George Santos Bio which have been reported to look highly fabricated include the parts where his details about the work experience, work history, finances and their status, criminal records, religion, ethnicity, ancestry, employment, charity work, property ownership, and education credentials too.

George Santos Bio

Santos was born to Fatima Caruso Devolder and Gercino Santos Jr. on 22nd July 1988, both of his parents were born in Brazil. His maternal grandparents and some of his maternal great grandparents were also born in Brazil. Fatima, his mother, had moved to Florida to be a migrant worker in 1985 and later she moved to New York to work as a nanny, cook and a housekeeper. George Santos has claimed a dual citizenship both from the US and Brazil where his grandparents were born. Santos has been also employed in the past as a customer service representative for the Dish Network in Queens.  

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George Santos Net Worth & Career Overview

Name George Anthony Devolder Santos
Party Republican Party
Occupation Member of the US House of Representatives
Birthday 22nd July 1988
Age 34 Years
Criminal Charges Within the US: 13 Count Indictment : 07 counts of wire fraud, 03 counts of money laundering, 01 count of theft from public funds, 02 counts of false statements provided & Brazil: Check Fraud Case
Net Worth 11 Million USD

George Santos Career & Family

Santos was elected to the US Congress in the year of 2022 as a member of the Republican Party in the country. According to the recent reports which have been released for the charges against him, it has been said that Santos has earlier confessed to be responsible for a check fraud case in Brazil, in the year 2008. But he had failed to appear in the court in 2011 and due to this, the case was left unresolved. The case has been revived in the late 2022 by the authorities in Brazil.

Recently, on Wednesday, 21st June 2023, George Santos pleaded not guilty to various charges against him which included the charges of wire fraud and money laundering. He chose to plead not guilty on these charges in the federal court in the city of New York and was released on a 500,000 USD bond. There have been another ruling by a federal judge which has stated that the names which have been included as the guarantors in the mysterious bail of Santos will be revealed to the public. This ruling was also made to reject the politician’s claim that the disclosure of the bail guarantor’s names will be threatening to the security of those people.

It is also possible that Santos tries to modify the terms of bail, if in case, the guarantors decide to withdraw their 500,000 USD guarantee used for the bail. Following this, the congressman has also seen being willing to go to jail instead of resorting to reveal the names of his bail guarantors by himself. He has pleaded not guilty to a 13 count indictment in the federal court to charges of fraud, theft of public funds and money laundering. These names which are a part of his bail release guarantee are citing a huge public interest also, as there were a minimum of 11 media houses who are in the line for releasing the names.

George Santos Age & Net Worth

George was charged by the federal prosecutors in the court with frauds against the campaign donors, wherein he was accused of soliciting the donors to support his campaign with their money. The charges suggest that he had used these funds to engage in personal use for himself. This personal use included various high amount purchases such as buying designer clothing and paying off his personal debt on credit cards owned.

It was also put up as a charge against him that he committed an unemployment fraud and had received about a total of 24,000 USD as unemployment benefits during the COVID-19. It is also reported that he held a full time position at an investment firm and have lied about his income during disclosure which has to be made with the clerk of the House of Representatives. It must be noted that the federal charges mentioned in the long list, there are other scandals which he has faced during such a short tenure of his political career.

These staggering numbers of various scandals and the nature of what has been alleged has resulted in Santos being seen as a sort of national celebrity all over the country. The charges had started to come to notice in the beginning with only the lies about his resume. These charges said that Santos had fakes on his resume about the work history, education and other details of background.

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George Santos Family & Career Bio

These charges were then added to the list of frauds which are alleged to have involved him. This include the charges of fraud for using the campaign donor’s money for personal use and providing bad checks to various Amish dog breeders. For several days in the recent weeks, there has been an update which tells of a new lie and is related to him directly. Santos had also been implicated in a 2017 case of a scheme which was related to skimming debit card information from the ATMs in Seattle.

It has also been noted that in the short term, the 13 count indictment will not be able to bring any change of a big scale. It has been seen that in the past, if any Congress Member is criminally charged, then they do not take up committee assignments from that point. But in George’s case, he has already given up the positions in the committee in the beginning of 2023 after a meeting with Kevin McCarthy. Kevin had also hinted that if George is going to be criminally convicted then he will be required to resign by himself.

This is true as there are many examples for the members who were charged criminally and were then expelled because they did not resign. In an interview with the Vox, Pam Panzenback, who is also the Republican Mayor of Glen Cove, in New York, had also stated her disappointment for Santos. She also added that Santos had “no sense of reality” and that she had also gone for help to various other members of the Republican Part when she faced constituent issues.

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