Evan Spiegel Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Evan Spiegel, who has been known to be one of the youngest billionaires in the world, was born on 04th June 1990. Evan has been a prominent internet entrepreneur in the space of tech and has also been famous for being one of the founders for the US social media company, Snap Inc. For this reason, Evan has also been the current CEO for the Snap Inc., which has been popular among the young audience all over the world for being a camera based social media application. Snap has also become to be known as the Snapchat, among the worldwide users who are still active.

Spiegel has been known to have dual citizenship as an entrepreneur which includes the American and the French citizenship, as it has been reported. In the year 2014, there had been multiple emails which had been made public after they had been leaked to one of the main blogs which had celebrities as the focus, known as the Gawker. In the emails, it had been reported that Evan had made comments which were against women and also against accepting people who have identified themselves as homosexual. In the emails, he had also supported underage drinking, for all which, he had later apologized to the general public in a statement.

Evan Spiegel Net Worth 2023

Evan Spiegel, as the current CEO for the social media company in the US, Snap Inc., has made huge advancements in the features of the app in recent months, as it has been reported. In the year 2015, he had become a part of the news as he had been able to generate a billion USD as his net worth in that year. As per the reports, it has been mentioned that in March 2023, Evan’s net worth had taken a huge jump to reach over 2.7 billion USD, as it had been stated by the Forbes magazine recently. On ‘Snap’ app, the pictures and videos which are shared to other users get disappeared once they are viewed by the users.

In the recent news, it has also been revealed that for the social media platform which has been owned by Evan, there are more than 200 million users who use the app on an everyday basis to send pictures and videos to their peers. Spiegel has been one of the founders for the company, and it has been mentioned that Evan and the other founder, namely, Bobby Murphy, have come together to own more than a quarter of the shares in the social media app. As a result, Bobby and Evan also has the voting power and control in the company’s current board, which includes other members too.

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Evan Spiegel Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Evan Spiegel
Born 04th June 1990
Birthplace California, US
Age 33
Occupation Businessman
Citizenship French & American
Languages French & English
Residence Los Angeles
Listed 55th on Forbes 400
Known For Snapchat
School Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
College Stanford University
Charity Snap Foundation
Partner Miranda Kerr
Children 2
Father John Spiegel
Mother Melissa Ann Thomas
Height 5.10 ft
Weight Over 70 kg
Net Worth Over 2 billion USD

Evan Spiegel Early Life, Age & Family

Evan, born as Evan Thomas Spiegel, as mentioned in the birthdate 04th June 1990, was born in the state of California, US. He has spent most of his childhood years growing up in the most populous city in California, Los Angeles, where he had been raised by his parents, namely, John Spiegel (his father), who had worked as a lawyer and Melissa Ann Thomas (his mother), who had also been a lawyer in the city. At the age of 33, he has also spent a lot of his time in the Pacific Palisades area of California. Evan had attended the Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, which is situated in Santa Monica, as a child.

It has also been mentioned that Evan had also taken classes to learn designing when he had enrolled for the same in the Otis College of Art and Design, while in school. At the time for his college education, Evan had also spent a summer learning more about design at the Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles. Spiegel had later enrolled to do his graduation from Stanford, but soon he had decided to drop out and focus on building the app. He had finally graduated with his B.S. in the field of product designing from Stanford in the year 2018, 6 years after he had chosen to drop out. Spiegel has been married to Miranda Kerr (2015) and the couple has two sons.

Evan Spiegel Career Beginnings & Snapchat

Evan had started with an unpaid internship which he had completed in the sales division of the Red Bull. As a student, he had also worked as a careers instructor and at the software company, Intuit. Later at Stanford, Evan had an idea for an app which would be suitable for ephemeral messaging and sharing. Along with his classmates, Bobby Murphy and Reggie, they had come out with a prototype with the title of ‘Picaboo’. This app had later been called as the ‘Snapchat’ and after that, it had seen a large number of users by the year 2012.

As a result, in 2012, Evan had dropped out to focus on the app and by the end of the year, it had been reported that more than 1 million users had been using Snapchat every day. With an increase in the popularity, Murphy and Evan had made the decision that they will donate more than 12 million shares (Class A) to support the development in areas such as the arts, design, education, etc. over the next two decades. For this purpose, they had also created the non-profit foundation, also popularly known as the Snap Foundation.

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Evan Spiegel Latest News & Recognition

In the latest reports, it has been revealed that Snapchat’s second quarter has seen a decline in the total revenue, as it has been reported. It has also been added that this quarter has wiped more than a fifth of the total value that the app has created in the market for itself.

After the Snap’s 2017 IPO, it has been seen that the shares have been reduced by at least 13% annually. Most recently, on 26th July 2023, the shares had again fallen by 19% more than the last report. Spiegel had also been ranked as 55th on the Forbes 400 List, in the year 2021, with his net worth more than 13 billion USD.

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