Easter 2023 Bank Holidays, School Holidays

In 2023 Easter will be celebrated on 9 April, Easter Sunday will be celebrated all over the world. Easter is one of the biggest festivals of the Christianity after Christmas. People of Christian faith believe that Good Friday Jesus Christ returned on Easter day, that is, Jesus Christ was resurrected after being crucified.

Gloom is celebrated on Good Friday and people of the Christianity celebrate happiness on Easter. Lord Jesus Christ lived on earth for about 40 days and taught the lesson of love to his disciples and then went to heaven. That is, where people mourn on Good Friday, happiness returns on Easter.

Easter 2023 Bank Holidays, School Holidays

On the day of Easter, people light candles in churches and homes and Easter Feast is also organized on this day. Delicious and special dishes are prepared for Easter lunch. Colorful eggs and Easter bunnies come to mind as soon as the name of Easter is mentioned.

The bank in USA will be closed and there will be holiday in schools on 9 April 2023. Here in this article, we will update you about List of School Holidays in USA 2023, List of Bank Holidays in USA 2023 and also we will apprise you of Easter 2023 bank holidays, school holidays.

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Significance of Easter 2023

Easter is a very special day for the people of the Christian religion. In fact, on the day of Good Friday, Lord Jesus was crucified after giving many kinds of tortures. Two days after this, Lord Jesus was resurrected on Sunday. People of the Christian community celebrate this day like a festival. This day is also called Easter Sunday.

The Bible is read in the church on Easter Day and Lord Jesus is remembered. The week before Easter Day is called Easter Week. On this day people light the candles. The church across the globe are decorated on this special festival. It is believed that Lord Jesus forgave even the people who tortured him.

Why is Easter Day celebrated?

According to Christianity, Lord Jesus left his body on Good Friday. He was resurrected two days after his death. It is believed that after rebirth, Lord Jesus stayed with his disciples for 40 days. Since then the festival of Easter is celebrated for 40 days. This festival is celebrated as the victory of truth over untruth and violence over non-violence.

Easter Sunday 2023 Interesting Facts

  • Easter is considered a day of happiness among Christians. It is also called Easter Sunday.
  • Easter Sunday is a day of change in people. It is believed that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the people who tortured him also repented a lot.
  • By lighting innumerable candles on Easter Sunday, devotees of Jesus express their unwavering devotion and faith towards him. On this day, apart from the church, many people light candles in their homes as well.

What are Easter Eggs?

Although many types of dishes are made on Easter day, but in all of them the Easter egg has its own special place. There is a lot of enthusiasm among kids for these delicious chocolate eggs. It is a chocolate made in the shape of an egg which is hollow from inside.

Eggs are specially decorated on Easter Sunday. Different types of designs are curated on the eggs. On this occasion, people gift each other eggs because the message of new life and new enthusiasm is hidden in the egg.

Easter Sunday and Easter Bunny

While children wait for Santa Claus on the occasion of Christmas, the wait for the Easter Bunny can be seen on Easter day. On this day, the Easter egg has become a commodity, delivered to people’s homes by a bunny. There is no mention of this Easter Bunny in the Bible. It is believed that this ritual originated from Germany.

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List of School Holidays in USA 2023

Date Holidays
1 January New year day
2 January New year second day
16 January Martin Luther King junior day
20 February President Day
9 April Easter Sunday
14 may Mother day
29 may Memory day
18 June Father Day
19 June Junehavi
4 July Independence Day
4 September International labor day
2 October Cabrini day
9 October Columbus Day
10 November Old day
23 November Thanksgiving Day
24 November Thanks giving after day
25 December Christmas day
27 December Christmas holiday

List of Bank Holidays in USA 2023

Day Date Holiday Name
Sunday Jan 01 New Year’s Day
Monday Jan 02 New Year’s Day (in lieu)
Monday Jan 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday Feb 20 President’s Day
Sunday Apr 09 Easter Sunday
Sunday May 14 Mother’s Day
Monday May 29 Memorial Day
Sunday Jun 18 Father’s Day
Monday Jun 19 Juneteenth
Tuesday Jul 04 Independence Day
Monday Sep 04 Labor Day
Monday Oct 02 Cabrini Day
Monday Oct 09 Columbus Day
Monday Oct 09 US Indigenous People’s Day
Friday Nov 10 Veterans Day
Saturday Nov 11 Veterans Day
Monday Nov 13 Veterans Day
Thursday Nov 23 Thanksgiving
Friday Nov 24 Day after Thanksgiving
Monday Dec 25 Christmas Day
Wednesday Dec 27 Christmas Holiday

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