DD Free Dish Channel List 2023

DD Free Dish is a free Direct-to-Home (DTH) service with unlimited content and it doesn’t come with a monthly subscription fee or plans like the Airtel DTH, Tata Play, D2H, and other DTH service providers. You can watch all sorts of channels in a variety of genres and categories without giving any additional charges. However, there is a one-time charge for the set-up box and installation and then DD Free Dish will be free for lifetime.

If you are looking to get one for yourself, below is a DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 along with DD Free Dish Channel Wise Frequency List 2023 PDF so check this page. The DD Free Dish initially started with a mere 33 channels but at present it is airing more than 100 SDTV channels. This is not all, it is also airing 40 radio channels.

DD Free Dish channel list 2023

DD Free Dish which was earlier known as DD Direct + is India’s only Free DTH (Direct to Home) Service. This service is owned and operated by Doordarshan also known as Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati and this service has been operational since 2004.

The list of DD Free Dish channels is divided into 7 categories and they are, national, regional, state, entertainment, Hindi music, news, devotional, and Doordarshan parliamentary. DD National channel list comprises all the prime channels operated by Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati.

Like private DTH operators, DD Free Dish doesn’t charge any monthly subscription for the channels it provides to its users. All you have to pay for the new set-top box and a couple of equipment costs to get the DD Free Dish installed. The DTH service launched with just 33 channels, but now that number is increased to which are shared below.

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13

Pathaan Box Office Collection

Shark Tank India Season 2

DD Free Direct to Home 2023 Details 

Authority Name Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati
DD Free Dish Launch Year 2004
Educational Channels 51 Channels
Doordarshan Channels 91 Channels
Private Channels 80 Channels

DD Free Dish Channel Wise Frequency List 2023 PDF

DD Channel Number DD Channel
Frequency Quality
001 DD News 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
002 DD National 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
003 DD Retro 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
004 DD Kisan 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
005 Zee Anmol 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
006 DD Bangla 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
007 DD Chandana 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
008 DD Girnar 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
009 DD Kashir 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
010 Abzy Movies 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
011 DD Arunprabha 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
012 B4U Movies 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
013 Aaj Tak Tej 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
014 B4u Bhojpuri 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
015 Dhinchaak Movies 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
016 Big Magic Ganga 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
017 Abzy Dhakad 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
018 Filamchi 11090V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
019 Manoranjan Grand 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
020 DD Oriya 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
021 DD Podhigai 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
022 DD Punjabi 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
023 DD Sahyadri 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
024 DD Yadagiri 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
025 DD Malayalam 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
026 LS TV 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
027 RS TV 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
028 Shemaroo TV 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
029 Dangal TV 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
030 Bhojpuri Cinema 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
031 Zee Biskope 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
032 Abzy Cool 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
033 Star Utsav 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
034 The Q 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
035 Cineplex Bollywood 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
036 Azad 11170V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
037 Sony PAL 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
038 Rishtey Cineplex 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
039 Movie Plus 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
040 DD Saptagiri 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
041 Colors Rishtey 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
042 B4U Kadak 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
043 Manoranjan TV 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
044 TV9 Bharatvarsh 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
045 Aastha TV 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
046 Dabangg 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
047 DD Madhya Pradesh 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
048 Zee Anmol Cinema 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
049 NDTV India 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
050 Dhinchaak 2 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
051 Enterr10 Movies 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
052 DD Assam 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
053 Sadhana TV 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
054 Sanskar TV 11470V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
055 Big Magic 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
056 News18 India 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
057 9XM 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
058 Maha Movie 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
059 Zee Hindustan 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
060 DD Bharati 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
061 DD Urdu 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
062 Mastii 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
063 B4U Music 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
064 India TV 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
065 News Nation 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
066 BFLIX Movies 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
067 Republic TV 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
068 Aaj Tak 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
069 ABP News 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
070 Zee News 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
071 Zee Chitra Mandir 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
072 Zee Punjabi 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
073 TEST 419 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
074 TEST 420 11510V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
075 Manoranjan Movies 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
076 Star Utsav Movies 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
077 DD UP 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
078 DD Rajasthan 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
079 DD Sports 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
080 DD Bihar 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
081 DD Jharkhand 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
082 Sony Wah 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
083 DD Tripura 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
084 DD Chhattisgarh 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
085 Zing 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
086 DD India 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
087 DD Uttarakhand 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
088 MTV Beats 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
089 Fakt Marathi 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
090 Shemaroo Marathibana 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
091 TEST 517 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
092 TEST 518 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
093 TEST 519 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S
094 TEST 520 11550V29500 MPEG-2DVB-S

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