Davido Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Songs, Income

Davido, who has been famous for his skills as a musician, was born on 21st November 1992 in the US. He has been known to be one of the top Nigerian singer and songwriters who have been born in the most populous city of Georgia, called Atlanta. He has been rising to fame in the recent weeks as he has been able to make bigger contributions to the African music style in the United States. This has also been a result of his career as a record producer which has mainly focused on creating an impact through his style of African music.

In the recent news reports, Davido has been put to be one of the celebrities who has gained attention for the big amount which he has recently donated to multiple orphanages in Nigeria. The reports have also mentioned that the American born Nigerian songwriter has been making rounds on social media for also showing the proof, which shows the total amount which he has donated in full. In the later reports, it had also been stated that the total contribution which has been reported did not come from the artist alone but had been made by a set of individuals.

Davido Net Worth 2023

Davido has been recognized as one of the top artists and performers all over the world who have been able to make contributions to the African Music and related genres. The Nigerian songwriter has also been mentioned for his influence which comes through his unique style in performing and producing music records. For this reason, he has also been labelled as the ‘001 of Afrobeats’ all over the world. He had made his debut in the African Music scene when he had been a member of the group, called, KB International.

Davido had grown up with an interest in learning music and this interest had been magnified as an adult in his later years. It was at the time of his college studies, when he had completely decided to start learning music production full time and on a regular basis. As a result, he had also decided to quit his full time studies at college and become a dropout. At the time, he had been enrolled to study theories of business administration at the Oakwood University. After dropping out, it has been mentioned that after he had dropped out, he had started to make music beats and put his recorded vocals upon them.

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Davido Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Davido
Born 21st November 1992
Age 30
Birthplace Georgia, US
Occupation Singer & Songwriter
Labels Sony, RCA, Columbia and DMW
Former Group KB International
Genre African Pop & Afrobeats
Partner Chioma Rowland
Known For Contribution in African Music
Appeared New African Magazine, Time 100 Next List
Social Media Status ‘Most Valuable Instagram Account in Nigeria’
Father Adedeji Adeleke
Mother Vero Adeleke
Children 4
Education British International School, Oakwood University and Babcock University
Height 5.6 ft
Weight Over 73 kg
Net Worth Over 16 million USD

Davido Early Life, Age & Family

Davido, who was born as David Adedeji Adeleke, in the state of Georgia in the US and it has been reported that his birthdate has been mentioned as 21st November 1992. At the age of 30, he has become one of the top performers who have been the key players in the evolution and improvement of the African music all over the world. He has spent a lot of his early years in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, where he had been raised by his parents, namely, Adedeji Adeleke (his father) and Vero Adeleke (his mother).

Davido Adeleke had born as the youngest of all the five Adeleke siblings born to Vero and Adedeji. In Lagos, he had attended the British International School. Later, he had returned to the US to study theories in business administration at the Oakwood University in Alabama. During this time, he had also started to buy equipment to make music. As a result of this interest, he had formed a music act, named as, KB International with cousins, Sina Rambo and B Red. After dropping out, he had moved to London to work on his vocal abilities. He has also married Chioma Rowland, his wife, and the couple has 4 children.

Davido Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

After Davido had dropped out of his business management course, he had started working on his vocals. Following this, he had enrolled at the Babcock University, where he had graduated from in music studies. This course had commenced in 2011, when he had also started to work on his debut album, which had been titled as, Omo Baba Olowo. This album had been produced with a mix of Afrobeats and Hip Hop sounds. The album had mainly received only negative reviews from the critics focusing on its songwriting, winning the Best R&B/Pop Album.

Davido had released the Shizzi-prod track “Gobe” which had been ranked at second position on Premium Times’ List of its Top 10 songs in the year 2013. His success had started to come after the release of “Dami Duro”, a single track which had come out from the album “Omo Baba Olowo” in 2012. For the huge popularity of this song, Davido had won the “Next Rated Award” in the same year. In the year 2016, he had announced that he was going to sign a new deal with Sony Music and a few months later, he had also founded his new record label, called as “Davido Music Worldwide”.

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Davido Latest News & Other Ventures

There have been a recent report which have come out to reveal how singers have been growing their influence on the social media. The list had been released as the “Hopper HQ Social Rich Lists”, and it had mentioned that Davido’s Instagram account has been the most valuable account in all Nigeria. At the same time, his Instagram following had also made him as the second most important account in Africa and 61st overall in the world. Each of the posts which the singer makes is worth about 131,000 USD and the Afrobeats icon has about 27 million followers.

In another report, it has also been mentioned that the African Pop Icon has made a huge charitable donation to orphanages in Nigeria. This includes the sum total amount of two hundred and thirty seven million Nigerian Naira (237,000,000) through his foundation called David Adeleke Foundation. He had also become the face of MTN Pulse, which as a marketing campaign had been targeted at Nigerian youth. For this, it had been reported that the singer had been paid a 30 million Nigerian Naira. He has also been a brand ambassador for 1xBet and Martell.

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