Bobby Lashley Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Earnings

Bobby Lashley, who has been known to be a wrestler in the American wrestling entertainment company WWE, was born on 16th July 1976. As an American MMA artist, Lashley has also been a part of the various wrestling leagues which have been popular since the 2000s. At present, he has been a part of the WWE, where he has been a performer on the SmackDown brand. He has been known to be a winner of multiple accolades, while he has been a part of the WWE brand.

To add to that, Bobby has also been known for his martial arts matches which he has played in the Martial Arts Promotion such as the Bellator MMA and the Strikeforce. These matches have contributed to his career as an MMA Artist and Fighter, in addition to his wrestling career. As a result, Bobby has been able to bag the World Champion Award (8 times), TNA World Heavyweight (2 times), and ECW World Champion (2 times) Awards among others. He had first started to become a regular part of the WWE brand when after 2005, he had been able to make his first match debut.

Bobby Lashley Net Worth 2023

After 2005, Bobby had been a one time winner of the US Champion (WWE SmackDown), which had helped move forward with more opportunities as he had been promoted to sign with the ECW brand of the WWE. During his time at the ECW, Bobby had also become the “First African American to hold the ECW World Championship” Title, which he had won twice. By the time he had won the titles, he had also started to be in a rivalry relationship with the company chairman of the WWE. This rivalry with Vince McMahon, had also resulted in Bobby’s decision to finally leave the professional wrestling company soon after.

After he had left briefly, Bobby had decided to go for a career in the MMA, which had resulted in his first professional match in the year 2008. This had been followed by his next step in the professional MMA journey when he had signed up with the Bellator MMA Promotions in the year 2014. During his Bellator journey, it had been reported that he had won all of the career bouts between the years starting from 2014 till 2016. Before MMA, he had also been signed to another Professional Wrestling Promotion known as the TNA, where he had also won for 4 times the Impact World Heavyweight Championship Title.

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Bobby Lashley Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Bobby Lashley
Born 16th July 1976
Birthplace Kansas, US
Age 47
Occupation Wrestler & MMA Fighter
Current Company WWE
Past Appearances TNA, Strikeforce, Bellator MMA, etc.  
Awards WWE Champion (2 times), ECW World Champion (2 times), TNA World Heavyweight Championship (4 times), etc.
Known For “Battle of the Billionaires”
US Army Rank Sergeant
Partner Kristal Marshall
Son Myles
Daughters Kyra, Naomi
Video Games WWE 2K23, WWE 2K20, WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007, etc.
School Junction City High School
College Missouri Valley College
Other Names Blaster Lashley
Height 6.3 ft
Weight 124 kg
Net Worth Over 4 million USD

Bobby Lashley Early Life, Age & Family

Bobby was born as Franklin Roberto Lashley, as mentioned in the birthdate 16th July 1976, in the US. He had spent most of his childhood years growing up in the Junction City, US. It has been noted that most of his childhood had been spent in a single parent household, where Lashley had been raised by mainly his mother. His father had worked as a US Army Sergeant, and he has other three older sisters. He had attended the Fort Riley Middle School, where he had his first wrestling introduction in the school with others.

He had chosen the sport of amateur wrestling as a good off season alternative to the game of football. His schooling had gotten completed when he had finally graduated the Junction City High School, following which he had gone for his college education, as mentioned. Bobby had gone to the Missouri Valley College, where he had won the National Wrestling Champion Award Title given by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or the NAIA. He had been given the same award for 3 years in total starting from 1996 till 1998.

Bobby Lashley Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Bobby had followed the path to go into the army after graduation and had continued to be a part of the amateur wrestling teams through the World Class Athlete Program. In his army days, he had been able to win a silver medal and a gold medal by the International Military Sports Council wrestling event. This had been followed by his debut in the WWE SmackDown! Brand, when he had started to come out as a professional player starting from 23rd September 2005. In 2006, Lashley had also become the first WWE SmackDown! wrestler to qualify for the Royal Rumble that year.

In a WWE event, which had been titled as the “Battle of the Billionaires”, Lashley had been selected to represent Donald Trump to go against the company’s chairman’s representative, Umaga. During his time at the TNA, Bobby had also become the newest member of the group, Main Event Mafia, as he had been introduced by Kurt Angle. Bobby’s finishing move in the wrestling matches has come to be termed as “Hurt Lock”, as stated. He had his first MMA debut with the Mixed Fighting Alliance inaugural “There Will Be Blood” match in the year 2008.

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Bobby Lashley Latest News & Other Ventures

In the recent reports, it has been revealed that in the WWE brand, there has been mentions that the professional wrestler Bobby Lashley and the dynamic tag team champions, known as The Street Profits, are going to form a new dominating faction which has made the WWE fans excited and intrigued, at the same time. It has been stated that the alliance could also result in a new life for the unrecognized and talented individuals which are part of the “The Street Profits”. It has been reported that the group has faced many inconsistent storylines and, as a result, has not been very successful with the audience.

Outside of sports, Lashley has also been invested in multiple businesses including the likes of a health smoothie shop, which he had opened up in the year 2007. He had also launched a complete network of websites, which had included his nutrition store, gym information, etc. In addition to this, Bobby has also been a part of the video games of the WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007, WWE 2K23, etc.

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