Blac Chyna Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Income

Blac Chyna, who is known for her modelling style and an actress, was born on 11th May 1988. She has been very famous for being a socialite who have also appeared in the music videos of various artists such as Kanye West and others. She had originally started to get attention for her performance in the year 2010, when she had been selected to be a part of the Nick Minaj’s stunt double crew. This part had been offered to her when the music video for the Kanye West song “Monster” had been released in the same year.

In the recent news reports which have been released about the entertainment industry in the US, Blac Chyna has made to the headlines as she has recently completed her 10 months of complete sobriety. This has also been followed by her with a heartwarming note which has been penned down by her to describe in detail about her journey. The note has also been received by her fans and many others with an eye opening message as the model has also described what it was like for her to go through the steps to heal her mind, soul and her body in full, as reported.

Blac Chyna Net Worth 2023

Chyna has been in the media attention for a long time after she had been name-dropped in a song by Drake, which had been titled as, ‘Miss Me’ in 2010. This had also led her to become a part of multiple magazine’s faces, appearances and multiple pieces in the Dimepiece, Black Men’s Magazine and Straight Stuntin. As result of the increase in huge popularity, she had also decided and then had launched a personal makeup brand in the year 2014. The brand had been named as “Lashed by Blac Chyna”, which she had promoted by launching a beauty salon in LA.

In the recent reports, Blac Chyna has been gaining attention for being able to complete her full 10 months in sobriety. This had been followed by a note from the model and her fans have been happy to see that the model has now started to eat well and gym. In the same reports, it has also been mentioned that Chyna has been unable to reduce her love for the soft drink Coca-Cola. At the age of 34, she has also been known to turn herself from being a model to be a popular reality TV star. It has been stated that the model has made huge changes to her life in the last year.

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Blac Chyna Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Blac Chyna
Born 11th May 1988
Birthplace Washington DC, US
Age 35
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Model, Actress & TV Personality
Alma Mater Johnson & Wales University
Partners Tyga (ex) & Rob Kardashian (ex)
Children Dream Kardashian & King Cairo
Appeared In Black Men’s Magazine, XXL Magazine, Urban Ink, Smooth Girl Magazine, etc.
Personal Brands “88fin”, “Lashed by Blac Chyna”
Reality Show Rob & Chyna & The Real Blac Chyna
Known For Exotic Dresses
Religion Christianity (baptized in 2022)
Height 5.2 ft
Weight Over 58 kg
Net Worth More than 10 million USD
Residence Los Angeles

Blac Chyna Early Life, Age & Family

Chyna was born as Angela Renee White, on 11th May 1988 in Washington DC in the US. She has been raised by her parents, namely, Shalana Hunter (her mother) and Eric Holland (her father) and she also has a sibling, named Eric. At the age of 35, she has also become a mother of two children, who are namely, Dream Renee Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson. She had started to be an active strip dancer to collect fees to pay for her college. It has been mentioned that she had been a dancer at the nightclub called, Old Diamonds. She had been a 19 year old student when she had started to be a dancer at the nightclub, Old Diamonds.

At that time, she had been enrolled in the Johnson & Wales University in Miami but as her career grew, she had decided to finally drop out of the college and pursue strip dancing and a career in modelling for full time. She had been an ex fiancée of the Hip Hop rapper named ‘Tyga’, both of them have a son, namely, King Cairo. Her relationship had ended with Tyga in the year 2014. Following this, she had met Robert Kardashian in the year 2016 and the two had started dating. After 3 months, Rob Kardashian had announced their engagement. The couple had given birth to a baby daughter, who had been named, Dream Renee Kardashian.

Blac Chyna Career Beginnings & Popularity

Chyna had initially started as a stripper but had quickly entered the modelling world shortly after. Since the early days, Chyna has also been known to set new fashion trends and statements, as it has been stated that she carries them off perfectly. During her strip dancing days, Chyna had also been very popular to wear very unusual and “exotic” looks. For this reason, she has also been described by the radio host Angela Yee as, “like someone who was going to be famous”. This had been followed by Drake name-dropping her in his 2010 single “Miss Me”.

The popularity which had come as a result of this had made her the face of many fashion magazines such as the Dimepiece and the Black Men’s Magazine. During her career, she has also undergone various surgeries for her buttocks and breasts enhancement. In 2013, after having her enrolment in the JLS Professional Make Up Artist School. Following this, she had launched her online boutique “88fin”. This had been before the release of her adhesive eyelashes brand, “Lashed by Blac Chyna”. In 2014, she had also purchased a beauty bar in the LA to offer makeup courses.

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Blac Chyna Latest News & Other Projects

At 34, the American model and socialite has been in the news for promoting changes in the lifestyle of people. As per the recent reports, it has been revealed that she has now completed her complete 10 months of sobriety by giving up alcohol. This has also been added to the dramatic makeover which she has also given to herself by removing her facial fillers and tattoos. She has also reverted to her birth name, Angela White, following this. She has also stated to ‘The Sun’ newspaper that after she has given up her drinking habits, she has also started to look at things “more clear and present”.

She has also mentioned that on 14th September 2023, she will be completing one year of sobriety. Chyna has also stated that the overall effect of this has cleared her body, mind and soul. In another report, it has been stated that after the babysitting drama of her child Dream, Khloe Kardashian has said that she has no intention of reconciling with Chyna. Behind this is the lawsuit which had been filed in 2017 by Blac Chyna against the Kardashian & Jenner clan alleging defamation. She has also been able to produce her own TV reality show, which has been titled as, Rob & Chyna on the E! Network.

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