Alakh Pandey Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Income

Alakh Pandey, who has been better known as one of the founders of India’s recent edtech unicorn, PhysicsWallah, was born on 02nd October 1991. Pandey has also been a popular YouTube content creator who has achieved a big following on the platform for his videos. His videos has been getting more and more attention on various social media channels as the videos are only educational and help the students. Most of his videos had been uploaded on his YouTube channel and have been a source of useful information for exam aspirants.

In the recent news reports which have also been released in relation to the educational sector, it has been said that the PhysicsWallah has become one of the largest edtech unicorns of India. Pandey has been known to be regularly posting educational content on his YouTube channel which had later gotten so big that it had become a full informational content channel, which had been mainly directed at the exam aspirants of India. These aspirants have also been related to the channel as it has covered syllabus information for all the popular exams such as the IIT JEE, NEET, etc.

Alakh Pandey Net Worth 2023

Alakh Pandey, who has been getting famous in the younger generation of India as the PW or the PhysicsWallah, is also the Founder and the CEO of PhysicsWallah Pvt Limited. In the recent years, it has also been pointed out that Alakh has been trying to make his platform as the India’s most affordable and leading edtech platform. His vision has also started to become a reality, as the Physics Wallah has also been now able to become the only platform which can provide accessible, the most comprehensive material with the state of the art experience in learning.

According to the PW Founder, Alakh Pandey, “Money should not be an obstacle in the path of achieving one’s dreams”. This vision has led Alakh to innovatively create products through his company which are interactive, premium and accessible to every student. He has also mentioned that the traditional methods of teaching have never been able to bring any revolutionary change in the sector. As a result, he had come up with his strategy to disrupt the education space which is driven by scientific methods, top notch quality tech backing, student validated delivery of information and a one stop solution to make the impact.

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Alakh Pandey Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Alakh Pandey
Born 02nd October 1991
Age 31
Birthplace Allahabad, UP
Founded Physics Wallah Pvt Ltd
Occupation YouTube Content Creator
Education Bishop Johnson School & College, Harcourt Butler Technical University
Parents Rajat Pandey & Satish Pandey
Sister Aditi Pandey
Wife Shivani Dubey
Awards “Rising EdTech Startup of India”, Times “40 Under 40 North 2022”, etc.
Known For Physics Wallah
Height 5.6 ft
Weight 65 kg
Subjects Engineering & Medical Exam Related
Net Worth 4000 Crore

Alakh Pandey Early Life, Age & Family

Alakh Pandey, who has been known to be a motivational speaker and online educator, was born on 02nd October 1991. In the various articles related to the information about him, it has been mentioned that Alakh’s birthplace has been Allahabad in UP. In Uttar Pradesh, he had also been enrolled to complete his schooling, which he had finished at the Bishop Johnson School & College in Allahabad in the year 2010. It has been stated that Alakh also has the zodiac sign of Libra. Following this, he had also prepared for the engineering entrance exams, which he cleared in 2011.

As a result of this, in 2011, the results had allowed him to enroll for a B.Tech degree in the stream of Mechanical Engineering. He had studied this subject when he had been enrolled in the engineering course at Harcourt Butler Technical University, which is situated in Kanpur in the Uttar Pradesh state. In his family, his father Satish Pandey had the job of a private contractor. While, his mother, Rajat Pandey, had the job of a teacher at the Vishnu Bhagwan Public School in UP. Alakh also has a sister, Aditi Pandey, who has a job at one of the top software companies.

Alakh Pandey Career beginnings & YouTube

After Alakh had opted for mechanical engineering in the university, he had started to get disinterested as the teaching style which had been an important part of Alakh’s college courses had led him to make the decision to drop out of college by his third year. Before this, Alakh had started to tutor children while he had been in 11th class. It has been reported that he had a salary of monthly Rs.5000 at that educational institute in UP. It was here, that Alakh had realized that the reach is not very wide with the offline classes and subjects.

Thus, to take the next step which had included a YouTube channel aimed at providing free education through online classes. This had led to the creation of his main YouTube channel in the year of 2016 for the same purpose, and he had named the channel as ‘Physics Wallah’. As the name had suggested, he had only started to upload Physics lectures on the channel to begin with. His video material on the subject had started to become a hit as he had started to include better questions and information from the study material which he would have purchased outside.

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Alakh Pandey Latest News & Awards

In the year 2022, it had been revealed that Alakh’s channel “Physics Wallah” had more than 9 million subscribers by the end of December 2022. In 2018, he had also started to provide study materials for students of class 10, class 11 & 12 along with the candidates who had been aspiring for the IIT-JEE & NEET exams through the download of his mobile app on various stores, called ‘Physics Wallah’. In 2022, Pandey had also finally opened an educational institute in Kota, in Rajasthan. His popularity has also made him one of the famous motivational speakers, and he has been invited to present his thoughts at events such as the Tedx Talks.

At the age of 31, Pandey has also become a husband by marrying Shivani Dubey, a journalist by profession. Both of them had tied the knot on 22nd February 2023, as it has been reported. Alakh’s videos has allowed him to receive various accolades in recent years. These awards include an award by Arvind Kejriwal, which he had received for his work in education field. Following this, in the same year 2022, Times list titled “Times 40 Under 40 North – 2022 Leaders” also had his name. The next award had come for the e4m D2C Revolution Summit and Awards 2022 in the same year.

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