Adin Ross Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Adin Ross, who has been popular in the USA for his streaming and collaborations, was born on 11th October 2000. Adin has been one of the highest earning live streamer in the US who has been known for his celebrity collaborations on his channel for the live streams. The games which have been selected by him to be streamed and has made him popular include the NBA 2K and the Grand Theft Auto V video games. He has been gaining huge popularity after he has changed his streaming platform from Twitch to Kick recently.

Adin has also been in the recent news reports for his recent deal which has been made with a new streaming platform, Kick, after he had decided to change his streaming platform from the previous ‘Twitch’ platform to the new ‘Kick’ platform. The CEO for Kick, Eddie Craven, has also come forward with openly admitting that Adin Ross can also be a potential risk to the brand image of the platform due to his previous controversies on Twitch. It must be noted that Kick has been able to procure many highly lucrative deals with multiple top creators and streamers from the platform called ‘Twitch’.

Adin Ross Net Worth 2023

As there are various platforms which are emerging in 2023 for creators and their live video game streaming, Kick is among one of the most popular options in the list. The platform has secured many high paying streaming deals from the top creators of Twitch. This list has included Adin Ross too but he has been seen as a brand risk by the management as some of his earlier controversial streaming tactics had gotten him to get banned from Twitch permanently. According to Adin, his deal has been one of the “most significant streaming deals ever” for any streamer or creator.

As per the recent reports, it has also been shared that Adin has announced that he intends to completely organize a tournament for the IRL NBA 2K24 game lovers and fans. In the recent update, it has also been mentioned that the upcoming tournament is also going to contain a cash prize in total of sum of 100k USD. He has also spent most of his childhood years in Florida. Adin had started his streaming career on the platform ‘Twitch’, where he would game stream regularly. He has also mentioned that he had skipped going to his high school prom so that he could stream that night.

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Adin Ross Bio & Earnings Overview

Name Adin Ross
Born 11th October 2000
Birthplace Florida
Residence California
Age 22
Occupation Live Streamer
Known For Hot Tub Controversy
Streaming Platform Twitch & Kick
Games Played GTA & NBA 2K23
Followers 7.2 million (Twitch)
Subscribers Over 3 million
Height 5.8 ft
Weight 72 kg
Sister Naomi Ross
Net Worth Over 23 million USD

Adin Ross Early Life, Age & Family

Adin was born as Adin David Ross, on 11th October 2000 in the state of Florida in the United States. He had been born in the city of Boca Raton in the Palm Beach County, Florida. Before deciding to live in Three Rivers in California, he had also lived in the New York City for a while. In an interview, he had revealed that at a young age when he was 12 years old, he was stabbed by a relative in his arm. This had resulted in his arm to get stitched and the relative had been admitted to a mental hospital later.

It has been stated that at the age of 22, Adin has also collected more than 7 million followers on various platforms. In addition to these, he also has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube. He has been banned for about 5 times previously from Twitch. He has also been the host of various sponsored streams which are related to gambling and celebrity guests. He had been enrolled in the Woodlake Union High School. He also has an older sibling, his sister, Naomi. It has been mentioned that Adin had started Twitch streaming from 2019, when he and Bronny James had started streaming the NBA 2K20 video game together.

Adin Ross Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

After Adin and Bronny had started streaming, they had started playing wager matches during their early streams which had gained attention of many other users on Twitch. His unique style which has been a part of his commentary and the fun reactions which are filled in his streams have gained him a large following everywhere. On YouTube, when Adin had made his debut in the year of 2019, he had started posting pranks, challenge videos and other content that was taken from the real life.

Most of his popularity had come after on one of his streams in 2020, when LeBron James had also joined the call, which had later been uploaded to his Twitter page. He had started the Twitter hashtag ‘#make2kfunagain’, which had reached number one all over the world in response to the NBA2K21 game when it had come out. This had also been added to the popularity as Adin had started to host various “e-date” streams on his channel at the same time. On February 23rd, Adin had also announced that he will be permanently shifting to the new platform called ‘Kick’ from ‘Twitch’.

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Adin Ross Latest News & Controversy

There have been various times when the Twitch streamer had been banned from the platform during the years from 2021 till 2023. Adin has also been banned during this time for use of foul language and has defended himself from the same by clearing that he had not said the word. When he was banned from Twitch, Adin’s followers had started the hashtag #FreeAdin so they could pressure Twitch to change the decision and keep Adin growing. For his use of hateful slurs and symbols, Adin was again banned from Twitch but this time the ban was indefinite which had ended in June 2022.

For the eighth time, when Adin was banned from Twitch on 25th February 2023, he also added to other controversies such as the ‘hot tub controversy’ with streamer Amouranth. In his recent updates, Adin has shared that he is going to organize a gaming tournament for the IRL NBA 2K24 where the winner is going to receive a big prize money amount in total of about $100k. For the plan, he has also added that anyone from the 2K community can come out with the list of expenses which are going to be covered such as the flight, hotel, etc. The list of streamers and creators has not been announced yet but it will be released soon.

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