Adam Schiff Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Role in Trump Investigations

Adam Schiff, who is a popular American lawyer and also a politician serving as a US Representative since 2001 from the state of California. He was born on 22nd June 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts in the USA. He has been a member of the Democratic Party, and during the years between 1996 and 2000, he was also a member of the California State Senate from the same party.

As per the recent reports which have started to come out, the Republican led House of Representatives have voted together to pass a resolution which is aimed at censuring the Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff. It must be noted that there have been several times when Congress members have gone through the same hauls. The reasons for censuring a Congress member have always varied for the resolutions.

Adam Schiff Net Worth 2023

The California’s 30th congressional district in the US state of California, which comprises the neighborhood of Pasadena and selected communities from Los Angeles is now represented by the Democrat Adam Schiff. He has also been known to author various measures which were seen by many as, “tough on crime”, but most of them were not able to pass and were rejected by the governors of both Republican and the democratic parties.

On Wednesday, 21st June 2023, the House had voted to censure the California Representative but before that proceeding, it had been reported that there were 24 other Congress members who had been censured by the Republican-controlled House for various reasons. These reasons have been revealed to be ranging from the support of Confederacy during the Civil War to sexual misconduct with the House pages by the representatives.

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Adam Schiff Career, Height & Net Worth 2023 Overview

Name Adam Bennett Schiff
Birthday 22nd June 1960
Age 63 Years
Birthplace Framingham, Massachusetts in the US
Occupation American lawyer & politician
Party Democratic
Representing State California
Education Stanford University (BA), Harvard University (JD)
Spouse Name Eve Sanderson
No. of Children 2 children
Known For Role in Trump Investigations (related to the 2016 US elections)

Adam Schiff Bio

Adam Schiff, who is now a candidate for the US Senate Elections in California, which are going to be held in the year of 2024, is gearing up to succeed Dianne Feinstein. Schiff was born in Framingham, Massachusetts in the US to Edward Schiff and Sherrill Ann Schiff in 1960. He was also raised with all the traditions of a Jewish family and his family moved to Scottsdale in Arizona when he was 10 years old, in 1970. In 1982, the whole Schiff family had then moved to Alamo in California. Following this, he was enrolled in the Monte Vista High School, from where he had graduated in 1978.

During his time in the Monte Vista High School, Danville, he was active in playing soccer and other sports. He was also the class salutatorian and his peers in Monte Vista had voted him to be the ‘most likely to succeed’. After his high school, Adam went to Stanford University to get his graduation degree in the Political Studies. He was able to compete his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the Stanford University in 1982 with a distinction. Following Stanford University’s BA degree, Schiff then applied to move forward with his Law studies. He was selected in the Harvard Law School in 1982 and he graduated cum laude with his Juris Doctor in 1985.

At the Harvard Law School, Adam was also a member of the Harvard Law School Forum where his tasks included driving guest speakers who were attending the campus from the airport to their campus and back. During his participation with the Harvard Law School Forum, there were many prominent speakers including William Joseph Brennan Jr. who had visited the campus of the Harvard Law School. In his college days, he had also worked as a student research assistant for Professor Laurence Tribe.

Adam Schiff Law Career & Age

Adam Schiff worked as a law clerk for Judge William Matthew Byrne Jr. for a year in the US District Court for the Central district of California. He was also appointed to help the Office of the United States Attorney for the Central District of California, as an Assistant United States Attorney. He held this position in the office form the year of 1987 till 1993. It was during this tenure, when he first gained the attention in general US public when he had prosecuted a case against a former FBI agent. This prosecution case was related to Richard Miller, the FBI agent and the case was made that he had spied for the Soviet Union. The first trial in the case had resulted in a hung jury but the second trial had resulted in the conviction which was later overturned. In the third trial, Schiff’s prosecution had made Miller to get convicted.

Schiff, in the year of 1994, was seen as a promising candidate for the 43rd district seat in the California State Assembly for a special election. But in the final results, he lost to the Republican nominee James Edward Rogan. Following this loss, he was elected again and this time he was going to represent the 21st district in the California State Senate. His term began when he was only 36 years old and this made him the youngest member of the Senate. He had a 4 year tenure and during this time he chaired various committees such as the State Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Committee on Juvenile Justice and State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Arts.

He has also been known for authoring a lot of measures that were eventually enacted into the US law. One of the most important measures which were included is the Senate Bill 1847, Chapter 1021. This legislation as passed in 1998, and it allowed the work on stalled Blue Line Light Rail Extension to continue in Pasadena. This also allowed the renaming of the Blue Line to the Gold Line and it had permitted the project to get separated from the Los Angeles Authority.

Adam Schiff & Trump Investigations

In 2017, Schiff said in an interview that there was “more than circumstantial evidence now” suggesting that the possibility of Trump’s presidential campaign colluding with Russia was very high. In another interview of the CNN, which is called ‘State of the Union’, Schiff said that the House Select Intelligence Committee was going to conduct the investigation in full. This committee was then tasked with the responsibility of conducting inquiries to find out if there was Russian interference in the 2016 elections in the US.

When he chaired the House Intelligence Committee in 2019, Schiff had sped up the Trump investigations which were separate from the Special Counsel Investigation tasked with checking Trump’s connections with Russia. As a result, there were nine members of the Republican Party from the House Intelligence Committee who called for Adam Schiff to resign. This was based on his allegations which were targeted at Trump suggesting that his campaign colluded in the 2016 elections with the Russians.

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On 21st June 2023, Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted in majority to censure Representative Adam Schiff. There is a list of accusations which formed the basis of Schiff being censured in the resolution, D-Calif., which are:

  1. Falsely accusing former US President Donald Trump of collusion with Russia during the presidential campaigns in the 2016 US elections.
  2. Abusing his position while he was the chair of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House.
  3. Perpetuating allegations which falsely suggested that Trump associates colluded with Russia during the 2016 elections.
  4. Abusing access to various classified information and documents.
  5. Reading a false retelling of a phone mail between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
  6. Causing hindrance in the Intelligence Committee’s ability towards its duties.

The impact which is expected to be seen is going to be mainly affecting Adam Schiff’ reputation and his relationship within the Senate. Censuring a political representative does not mean that the member is going to be removed from the House. It requires the member to stand in the ‘well’ of the House while the House speaker goes on to read the House Resolution. There could be punishments where the member gets removed from the positions and has an investigation against him. For Schiff, the censure includes an investigation by the House Ethics Committee for his actions.

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